Samsung washer error code FE

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code FE

If the FE error code occurs on the control board if your Samsung washer it means the drying system of your device is out of order and your laundry will be whether completely wet or just slightly dried, as the Error may appear before the start of the drying cycle or in a few minutes after.

This code is pretty easy to decipher, as it is an abbreviation for the Fan Error, sig-nalizing thy the rotation of the fan is not possible for some reason.

In some models, the same error is reflected by the FC combination.

What can cause the FE Error?

In most cases, the FE error indicates a serious malfunction of the drying process. But sometimes the ventilation error can be dealt with by yourself.

Bu indicating the FE code, the system reacts on the following possible malfunctions:

  • the impeller is damaged;
  • wiring is out of order;
  • the connector is misplaced;
  • starter capacitor is broken;
  • breakage of the control module.

Check wiring fnd fan motor

Unfortunately, this is not the simplest problem as it may seem and you will most likely need professional help with diagnostic and repair.

How to fix the FE Error?

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code FE check fan impeller

The FE error may be caused by several reasons and depending on the right deter-mination some of the parts have to be fixed or replaced.

  1. The capacitor connector moves from its place when the top cover is installed.
  2. The electrical circuit of the fan is damaged, so the fan does not start.
  3. The impeller’s blades are blocked or the bearings are not lubricated enough. If this malfunction occurs, the fan does not start.
  4. The failure of the starting condenser. In this case, the malfunction cannot be de-tected with the tester. The starter condenser must be replaced.

Though there are some steps you can do on your own, which will help you to whether get rid of the error or to exclude one of the possible reasons.

The error code may appear on the display due to a self-diagnostic failure of the machine. So to make sure the FE combination was not provoked by a system glitch, switch your appliance off and unplug it from the power, letting it rest for 10-15 minutes. Then switch it back on and check whether the code is still displayed.

When rebooting the appliance does not help, it means that the FE error indicates a serious fault, and you have to contact the service center, as you may need to repair or replace the fan, or it’s the impeller, fix the wire-connections and the connector itself. In the worst case, the Error is caused by the failure of the control unit and only a professional diagnostic can say whether it can be repaired or has to be replaced