Samsung washer error code FL

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code FL

Some of the models of Samsung washers indicate the issues with the hatch locking by showing the FL Error code. The same problem can also be reflected by Door, dE, and Ed codes, or by flashing of all the indicator bulbs on the models without any display. All these signals tell us about the Error in closing the hatch door.

What can cause the FL Error?

Besides such simple explanations as foreign objects blocking the door from being properly locked or a one-time malfunction of the control panel, there can be pretty serious reasons for FL Error to occur on the display of your device, and in some cases, you might not be able to fix it yourself.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code FL lock

Let’s list all the possible causes of the FL Error:

  • The failure of the hatch locking device;
  • The one-time malfunction of the control module;
  • The mechanical damage of the hook;
  • The breakage of the door hinge;
  • The lock is out of order;
  • The failure of the wire connection between the lock and the main unit.

How to fix the FL Error?

If after checking the lock and the cuff for foreign objects and giving your unplugged appliance some rest (usually 10-15 mins is enough), you still see the FL code on the control panel, start examination the hatch and the lock.

If the hatch-door does not lock and your machine doesn’t want to start the washing, probable the hatch locking device is out of order and has to be replaced. Another reason is the mechanically damaged hook, which is pretty easy to notice and change if needed.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code FL hinge

The door can be slightly misplaced because of the mechanical impact on the hinge. In some cases it can be repaired, in others — replaced.

Another possible explanation for the door Error of your device is the weak or missing connection between the locking device of the hatch and the main module of the appliance. In this case, the experienced repairman will be able to find the damaged or disconnected wire pretty fast and fix or replace it without any problem.

You have to be very careful when it comes to problems with electronic components in you washing machine, as these parts are most important for all the processes you appliance runs, so whenever you see the Error code is caused by electronic malfunction — contact the professional repairman in order to save your time, money and nerves.