Samsung washer error code LC

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code LC

If your Samsung appliance indicates the LC Error code on its control panel, it means there are some issues with the pressure switch of your machine. On the models without any display, the same error is indicated by the blinking of three temperature regimes (40C, 30C, and Cold) and all the mode bulbs simultaneously.

This code usually appears after the start of the cycle, when the filled tank self-drains and the device stops operating.

What can cause the LC Error?

The reason for the LC Error is usually in the failure of the pressure switch. It is a special detector that controls the level of the water in the machine and sends signals to the main module when the tank is full so that the appliance could start the next stage of the cycle. If the sensor is damaged, the module doesn’t receive any signals and the operation of the machine stops.

Another reason for the LC code appearance of the display might be a temporary failure of the control panel, which can be easily checked by resetting the appliance.

There might also be a problem with the wire connections of your device. Some may be loosened, others just disconnected or burnt out.

How to fix the LC Error?

turning the machine off

To exclude the control panel malfunction, turn off the machine and unplug it for 10-15 minutes, restart and check whether the code disappeared from the screen or not. If it is still there, start inspecting the connections and wires of the pressure switch, along with the main tube, connecting it to the chamber. Check it for any visible damages and clogs, clean if needed.

Test the sensor itself with the help of the multimeter, if it is in order, disconnect it from the wires and carefully connect again. Check whether it helped. If the pressure switch is damaged, it has to be replaced.

If the issue was not in the switch, keep checking the internal wire connections of your appliance. Carefully inspect all the contacts and wires. A multimeter can also help here to determine the areas which need the most attention.

Check the control panel, as some of its components can be damaged by water or powder. It is a complicated electronic element, which is very important for the ma-chine, so it requires a professional to properly diagnose it and repair, or replace it if needed.