Samsung washer error code LE1

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code LE1

The screen of your Samsung washer can indicate the LE1 Error code in case there is a danger of the leakage. The same error can also be reflected by LE or E9 codes, depending on the washer model. In rare cases, the code occurs during rinsing.

If your washer does not have any display, you can be warned about such Error by blinking of Bio 60°C and Cold Wash indicators simultaneously with all the mode lights.

What can cause the LE1 Error?

This error code usually appears on the control panel after the pressostat notices that the level of the water in the drum falls down at least four times in a row during just a few minutes. Or when the Aquastop system starts working, whether for a real reason or because of the sensor malfunction.

Another reason for LE1 Error may be in the drain hosepipe. It is whether damaged or connected incorrectly.

The wrong installment of the drainage filter can also cause the same error and be-come a real reason for the leakage.

The leakage can also appear in the area of the powder detergent, which can be clogged or damaged. In this case, you will see more foam in the drum during the washing process or the water leaking on the front panel of your appliance.

The most serious cause of this Error is the damaged tank. It can happen if you keep washing foreign objects with your laundry.

How to fix the LE1 Error?

The first thing you have to do after seeing the LE1 code on the display of your ap-pliance is to switch off and disconnect it from the power supply. After everything is ready, start inspecting the drain hosepipe. Check it for visible signs of damage and see whether it is properly connected to the body of the device.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code LE1 Check drain hose

After you made sure that the problem is not in the hose, proceed with the drain filter. It is probably not installed right, especially if you recently cleaned it from clogs. At the same time, you can check the nozzle, which can also be clogged and doesn’t let the water out properly.

After you checked all the possible washer components which could be clogged or damaged and haven’t found the reason for the LE1 Error, you should contact the customer support service, as there can be something really serious with the tank or control module of your machine, which can lead to more serious issues and won’t let you use the device at all.