Samsung washer error code nF or 4E

Samsung washer error code nF or 4E

You as usually put laundry in a drum, put some powder, choose a program, run a washer, but after a while find out that your machine can’t gain water: you don’t hear its sound, there is no water in a drum, and the display shows nF or 4E error code. In addition, the problem can appear at any stage of washing or rinsing.

Some Samsung models, which are not equipped with a display, signal about the error in a different way: a temperature indicator of washing in a cold water light or all mode indicators are blinking at the same time.

How to decipher the error code nF or 4E washer Samsung

nF or 4E errors mean the same: problem with the water supply system (E1 error code is typical for older Samsung models). If Samsung washer doesn’t gain enough water to the first level for 2 min or doesn’t gain all water needed for a program for 10 min, the error appears and washing can’t start.

nF or 4E error codes of Samsung washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

  • Check the water in a tap. Probably, it is turned off or water pressure is too weak. Thus, washing machine shows the error.
  • Check the shut-off valve that blocks the water supply to the washer. Perhaps you forgot to open it or didn’t open it completely.
  • If you are using the washer with aqua stop hose, check it for damages. Probably, there was a leakage, then aqua stop worked and water supply to the machine was blocked. Usually, aqua stop indicator signals about the problem. As a rule, it lights with a red color. To solve the problem, you have to replace the damaged hose.
  • Probably, the fine mesh filter, which is responsible for cleaning of tap water from small impurities, is clogged. It needs to be cleaned. The filter is located in the connection point of the water supply hose to the washing machine, in front of the intake valve. Close the shut-off valve, undo the water inlet hose and carefully pull out the filter mesh with the help of pliers. Clean it with a needle and rinse under a strong stream of water. Put it in a solution of citric acid for 30 – 60 minutes, which dissolve the scale and clean the filter holes.Water-Supply-Lines-Connect-Here-On-Samsung-Washer
  • If you face with nF or 4E error codes for the first time, try to unplug the Samsung washer and re-enable it in 10-15 min. Perhaps, there was a failure in the control module, and a “reset” is required.
  • Check all wiring and connections to the machine’s inlet water valve from the control module (the main microcircuit that controls the work of a washer). Perhaps they have moved away, and it is necessary to return them to their former position.
  • If the Samsung washer gains and immediately drains the water and then shows the nF or 4E errors, check that the drain is correctly connected to the sewer. If the drain connection point is below the tank level and the hose is spreading on the floor, without making the upper loop before entering the sewer, the reason for the error is precisely this.
  • If none of the above-mentioned recommendations help you to get rid of the nF or 4E errors by your own, so, unfortunately, your Samsung washer is broken and the professional help is required.

Possible malfunctions that need to be fixed

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
The washer doesn’t gain water or does it poorly. The display shows nF or 4E  error. Inlet solenoid valve, which regulates the water gain, is broken. When typing the valve opens, and the enters under the pressure of the water pipe. If the pipe is out of order, it can’t be opened and Samsung washer can’t gain water. The water supply valve needs to be changed.
Samsung washer displays nF or 4E error codes at the beginning of washing or rinsing. Control unit, the electronic controller that is responsible for the operation of a washer, is out of order.

In most cases, the electronic unit can be repaired. All you need is to solder burned elements and/or tracks on the chip to restore the working capacity of the unit.

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the control module completely.

After the start, the washer can’t gain water. The nF or 4E error code appears on a display. The water level sensor (pressure switch) is broken. It is responsible for measuring the amount of water in the machine. Usually, the malfunction is caused by a pressostat pressure hose, and it may be:

  • Clogged;
  • The position is changed (especially during transportation);
  • Damaged;

Usually, if the pressure sensor is broken, the 1Error code signals.

Pressostat pressure tube needs to be cleaned, re-established or replaced.
The washer doesn’t gain water and the display shows nF or 4E  error after a couple of minutes after the program started. Wiring in the area from the fill valve to the control module is damaged. It is a common problem in villages, where mice can chew the wiring. The damaged area has to be repaired. Sometimes it is necessary to change the wiring completely.

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