Samsung washer error code SUd

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code SUD

The quality of your laundry process depends not only on the appliance you use, but also on the detergent (soap or shampoo) and its quantity, so some of the most widespread washer errors are related to the suds level. This is what the SUD Error code is about.

If the screen of your washing appliance demonstrates SUD Error, this basically means, you have employed more soap than needed or chosen the wrong type of it. Using more suds than needed increases the foaming in the drum, the washer is fixing it simply by pausing its cycle for a few minutes, letting the foam to dissolve.

What is a SUD Error Code?

All the latest Samsung models are furnished with an automatic foam detector, which controls the degree of foaming and soap in the drum. It is getting difficult for the washer to whirl the water with excessive suds.

When there is an undue quantity of detergent, the display indicates a SUD Error code and the washer slows its work to give the foam time to vanish, then the cycle continues. Depending on how much powder is in the water, it can take from 5mins to 40mins.

During this time, the appliance adds additional water for better rinsing. This allows breaking the suds bubbles. This extra-rinse pause may occur numerous times during the washing to eliminate the suds.

For various years of production, the Error has several codes: SUD, 5D, and SD. They all indicate the same problem.

The fabricator instructs to use a High-Efficiency detergent in order to avoid the extra-long washing process and to get cleaner clothes.

What can cause a SUD Error?

There may be several solutions for the SUD Error to occur on the display of your Samsung washer.


Samsung Washing Machine Error Code SUD suds

The most traditional reason is that it can be caused by the wrong amount or proportion of the detergent. There can also be an issue with the low quality of the powder, that is why it is crucial to use HE detergents for the new generation of high-efficiency washing machines.

Foam sensor

If the foam in the drum visually does not exceed the limits, but the SUD Error is still on the display, there might be an issue with the foam volume detector, which must be replaced.

Clogged filters

The water and suds are being eliminated from the washer through the drain system, which consists of a hose, branch pipe, and a sewer. Sometimes small detail from the garments (button or bead) can clog one of the parts, and this is why the SUD Error code may appear on the screen.

Pressure switch

Another rationale for the code to appear might be in the faulty or damaged pressure switch, which has to be fixed or altered by the expert.

Control unit

The rarest of all issues is a breakage of the control unit. The error continues on the display when the machine is not having any issues. In this case, the only way is to contact a professional for component substitution.

How to fix a SUD Error?

When the SUD error emerges, and the work pauses, no worries, as the operation will start running again shortly. You might be required to resume it, by pressing the “Start” switch after.

The cycle is finished, so now you can tidy up the drainage filter and remove the extra soap from the surface of the drum and the special detergent compartment. When everything is done, run the full process with no loads and detergents. It will eliminate remaining detergent and suds.

Try to use a better quality detergent in an exact fraction during the following laundry. If you are sure you followed all the instructions and the powder or capsules you are utilizing is of decent quality, though the code is still on the screen, turn the appliance off and use the emergency-drain to let the water out. Try to rinse all the pieces of the drain system — detach the hose and scrupulously clean it with the suitable cord, to make sure it’s is not plugged or kinked. Take the branch pipe out (it is in the bottom) and clean it too, inspect the filter once again. They have to be clean from all suds and powder.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code SUD filter

If the machine keeps reflecting on the issue, it is possibly resulted by the disrepair of the foam sensor or control unit. For this kind of fixes, it is best to call the repairman, though the sensor can be replaced easily. Just switch the washer off, pull the lid and you will find it in the upper corner. Simply unfasten it from the wires and replace it with the new one.