Samsung washer error code tE

Samsung washer error code tE
You as usually start a washer, the door is locked, but in a couple of seconds, a display suddenly shows tE/Ec/tc error code and the Samsung washing machine stops to work. In some cases, a washer gains water, runs a drum and stops in 5-10 minutes after start showing the same error code. TE error code is typical for all machine kinds: standard washers and machines with a drying mode.

If your Samsung washer is not equipped with a display, different malfunctions are shown with a special indication. Temperature LEDs «BIO 60 °С» and «60 °С» are lighting on a panel and all mode indicators are blinking.

In addition to the above-mentioned errors, the tE1/tE2/tE3 code may appear on a display. Such problems are typical only for washers with the function of drying. As a rule, errors are shown after wringing at the beginning of the drying mode.

How to decipher the error tE washer Samsung

Samsung Washing Machine Thermistor

TE, Ec, tc error codes signal about some malfunctions with a temperature sensor, which is responsible for measuring the temperature in a washing machine. Your device by some reasons doesn’t «see» it and receives incorrect data. That’s why it doesn’t understand what to do and decides to turn off. So it needs your help. Actually, the tE error is an abbreviation of Termistor Error – the problem of a temperature sensor which is responsible for water heating. Ec error is the analog of tE for Samsung washers, released to 2007. Usually, tE/Ес/tc error code appears when the voltage of the temperature sensor is below 0.2 V or higher than 4.5 V.

Pay attention! Samsung washers with a drying mode besides the tE code (a water thermistor error) might have problems with other temperature sensors – tE1, tE2, tE3.  It signals about malfunctions with drying sensors and appears after wringing before or during the drying mode. TE1 code informs about the problems with a drying temperature sensor, so a washer doesn’t receive the signal or the thermistor gives incorrect information. TE2 error code reports the error of temperature sensor on case fan. It doesn’t signal or temperature is too high. TE3 error code signals about the error of the condensate temperature sensor, which is formed during drying. The sensor shows too high temperature of the condensate or just doesn’t react.

The most important distinction! The tE error code appears immediately after the machine is run or at the beginning before water heating. TE1/tE2/tE3 error code appears on a display after washing and wringing, before the beginning or during drying. Due to the experience of specialists, the Ес/tE/tc/tE1/tE2/tE3 error code usually signals about the malfunction of the Samsung washer, which is very hard to fix by your own.

TE/tc/Ec/tE1/tE2/tE3 error codes – In which cases it can be repaired by your own?

  • Failure of the control module. Sometimes the error is shown by accident because any technique can glitch. You can solve the problem by rebooting a machine. First, turn off the machine with a power button and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Leave the washer without the electricity for 5-10 minutes, then turn it on and start washing again. If the problem is a glitch, the washer will not show an error again.
  • Loose connections. The variant is that the contacts of a temperature sensor or a heating element have some malfunctions. This often happens after a washing machine was transported or moved in a wrong way. Try to move the contacts, make it condense ( as if pushing the plug into the socket until it stops). If the reason is this breakage, a machine will work.
  • The sensor error. Sometimes sensors erroneously detect the too high temperature of the controlled nodes. At certain sensors of Samsung washer, you can push the correction button and reset the reading. If the error is “imaginary”, then after the adjustment, the code will disappear from the display.
  • In the case, if reset or adjustment of sensors does not help and Samsung washer shows tE/tE1/tE2/tE3/tc/Ec error code, so your device needs to be examined and repaired by a specialist.

Video how to fix error codes tE washing machine Samsung