Samsung washer error code UC

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code UC

Various combinations of letters on the display of your Samsung washer always reflect specific conditions of the system or one of the device’s parts. In the case of the UC error code, it is an indication of power supply problems.

The same problem can be shown with 9C, 9E1, and 9E2 codes depending on the model of your device. The code can appear on any stage of the washing process.

What can cause the UC Error?

To proceed with the possible reasons for the UC Error code, let’s first determine what exactly it stands for. This error reflects that the machine will not be able to work because of the voltage spikes, which the control unit notices and reacts. The devices, produced before 2013 usually block all the operations after any voltage drops, the more modern appliances only react on serious surges.

When it is lower or higher than normal, the UC combination is indicated on the monitor of the device. In order for this code to be displayed, the amplitude of oscillations must be very large and the period of drop (presence of very high voltage) must around one minute. The appliance will stop operating and notify you, showing the code.

Now we can list the most common reasons of the UC Error:

  • A power outage;
  • Lack of voltage in the main power supply;
  • Failure of the voltage control sensor of the mains;
  • Power supply problems of the building;
  • Damage of the cable or socket;
  • A one-time malfunction of the control module;
  • Breakage of the control module.

How to fix the UC Error?

The first thing you have to do it try to reboot the appliance by switching it off and unplugging it for 10-15 minutes. If after restarting the Error is still indicated on the screen, there is most likely a problem with the electricity.

A power outage. If the surge occurred once and then the voltage becomes normal, then the error will be reset on its own you have just to wait for a few minutes.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code UC use a voltage stabilizer

Lack of stable voltage in the power supply. This error can be displayed is your house constantly experiences voltage surges, or the power supply from the main is lower than average. To avoid it, you should use a voltage stabilizer.

In case of the incorrect voltage sensor operation, the forced reboot can help, so this reason will be excluded after you give your device a 15-minute rest.

Thoroughly check the socket and the cable of the device, in case you notice any sign of damage, the elements have to be replaced. If your machine is connected to the power through the extension cord, you should try to plug it in the socket directly and see if the error is still on the control panel.

If none of the above steps helped you in resetting the UC Error code, contact the customer support service, as you will need a professional diagnostic, in case there is a more serious problem.