Samsung washer error codes DC, UE, E4, Ub

Samsung washing machine error codes DC, UE, E4, Ub

At the beginning of the duty cycle, everything goes quite regularly: your Samsung machine types water and starts washing. But when it comes to a spin mode, the machine, trying to run a drum for a couple of minutes (while the indicator of remained time of washing does not change on the screen), can’t turn over and finally stops. A display shows the DC or UE, E4 error codes.

Some Samsung washer`s models, which are not equipped with a screen, inform about the error in a different way: the indicator of time (60°С) and other mode indicators are blinking.

status error codes UE, 4E, Ub Samsung-washing machine indicators without display

How to decipher the error codes Samsung DC or UE, E4, Ub

The indication of DC or UE, E4 (the Е4 error is typical for Samsung models, released before 2007) informs about the unbalance load of the washer`s drum on the axis of rotation. Usually, these problems appear on the 3rd, 7th or 9th minute of pressing, but sometimes they occur later after the pressing is started.

Warning! Do not confuse the E4 error with 4E code, caused by a problem of the water intake system.
In some models, a DC error can mean not a tightly closed washing machine door.

It is useful to note that DC and UE codes in most cases are for informational purposes. To accurately determine the possible malfunction, run the machine at a very short program without laundry and detergent. If in this rate the DC or UE error appears, so moreover your device is broken. If a fault does not occur, you probably are able to solve a problem by yourself.

The DC and UE errors: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

The most common reasons for errors appearance and the ways of solving them are discussed below.

  • Imbalance of the laundry. Probably you load one big and a few small clothes (for example, a duvet cover and a few T-shirts), or wash absolutely different types of fabric together (some things absorb water differently). That is why the Samsung machine can`t distribute the weight of laundry over the area of the drum in a right way. So, here the error appears. Try to open the washer`s doors and sort laundry evenly. If the error occurs again, try to set the program of spin to a lower speed.
  • The washer`s overloading. If the weight of laundry exceeds the permissible things of manufacturer’s recommendations, the UE, DC error code appearance is expected. It is the natural washer`s reaction on your improper actions. Pull out the part of clothes and start pressing again. Others things have to be pressed manually or separately by running the spin mode for them.
  • Laundry underweight. It may be the reason why a machine can not distribute the weight at the drum axis. In this case, take two small clean towels, moisten them with water under the tap, put into the washing machine`s tub and turn on the spin again. Sometimes programs with the lower speed help to solve the problem of underweighting.
  • Control module fault. Try to turn off a machine for 10-15 minutes, and then turn it on again. Probably, the malfunction was caused by a one-time glitch in a control module.
  • Washer stand on an uneven surface. Samsung washer can`t distribute the weight of laundry in a right way because of inclination. The DC and UE error codes usually occur during the spin mode. With the help of adjustable feet, you are able to set the machine horizontally. You may do it by yourself or with the help of specialists of washing machines installing.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

In the table below you can view the list of faults that may cause the DC (UE) error code.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
Samsung washers do not spin the laundry. The UE / DC error codes are shown on a screen. Also during the program, the drum rotates only in one direction. Control board, the microcircuit that “controls” the washer`s working process, is broken. If a relay board is out of order (in this instance drum rotates only in one direction), a control board needs repairing. You have to change it on a new one.
If a control module processor is burnt (in this case a drum does not rotate at all, or the washer`s engine works on low or high speed), the replacement of entire board is required.
Washer makes a lot of noise especially in a spin mode trying to pick up speed. The machine can`t manage with laundry pressing. The UE /DC faults are shown on a screen or as a combination of indicators. You may notice some black oil stains on the floor under the machine. Malfunctions are typical for washers, which are used for a long period of time. The destruction of the bearing is caused by a natural wear out and humidity. The possible black oil stains on the floor mean that tightness of the stuffing box is broken. Its main purpose is to prevent the moisture penetration to bearing. It is necessary to replace the bearing and the stuffing box with new ones.
Samsung washer can`t run a drum. The fault appears immediately after the program is started.
In some cases, the UЕ/DC error codes occur during the spinning when washer tries to pick up speed. A drum rotates in spurts.
A washing machine belt, also called a drive belt, is torn, exfoliated or stretched out. If it is cut, a drum would not rotate at all. In the case of belt`s exfoliating or stretching out, the engine torque on the drum pulley is transmitted unevenly. That is why the tacho sensor, which controls a turnover of drum rotation, would not «allow» the machine to run a spin mode. The replacement of drive belt is necessary.
Samsung washer strongly vibrates during the spin cycle. In addition, you may notice some noise like creaking, rattling and intermittent striking inside the washing machine. The UE fault appears. One or more shock absorbers, designed to remove vibrations of the device during washing, are run out of order. It leads to an imbalance of the drum during rotation. All shock absorbers need to be replaced.
The fault appears during the process of washing, rinsing, or spinning. Washer stops working before the error appears. Tachosensor (tacho generator), which controls a turnover of drum rotation, is broken. It is necessary to change a sensor.
A washer`s drum may be easily scrolled by your hand but can`t rotate at any program.
Or during the spin mode, the Samsung washer can`t pick up the speed of rotating.
In both cases, the machine displays the DC/UE error codes on a screen.
Electric motor brushes are worn out. As a result, a magnetic field, which is very important for rotor`s rotating, can`t be created in an engine. Graphite brushes need changing.

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