Samsung washer ie error

Samsung washer ie error

You started a wash, loaded the laundry, selected the mode and pressed “Start”. But after 10-20 seconds since the start of the program you notice that the washing machine Samsung does not fill water and displays error code IE / E7 / 1C. Perhaps, before the error occurred, you could hear the drain pump turning on.

Warning! Do not confuse error 1E with error E1, which indicates issues with water filling.

Yet, for the first time the error might appear not necessarily at start, but at any other stage of washing, rinsing or spinning. However, the repeated occurrence of the error usually occurs immediately after the program starts.

In Samsung washing machines without a display, all the mode indicators alongside with 60°С, 40°С temperature indicators and the cold water wash indicator flash simultaneously.

Error description

pressure switch Samsung

The appearance of error 1 E / 1C on the Samsung washing machine indicates an incorrect operation of the water level sensor (pressure switch). The frequency that the sensor generates does not match the normal washing cycle. As a result, the washer includes a drain, displays the error, and stops the program.

Note: in the early Samsung models manufactured before 2007, the error of the pressure switch corresponds to error E7. It appears if the frequency of the pressure switch is less than 15 kHz (full tank) or more than 30 kHz (empty tank) for more than 5 seconds. After that, the drain pump turns on for about 3 minutes, and an error appears.

In most cases, the error code 1E / 1C / E7 directly indicates a breakdown of the pressure switch, however, in some cases, you can fix the malfunction by yourself.

Error E7 / IE / 1C – how to fix it yourself

The following causes of the error can be fixed without professional help.

  • The failure of control module. Unplug the machine from the power supply, wait 5 minutes, and then turn it on again. Perhaps there was a failure of the electronic controller that controls the operation of the machine.
  • The connections on the control board or the pressure switch are off. Check the reliability of all connections in the area from the pressure switch to the control module – it may be that one of the connectors on the board or the water level sensor itself is off.
  • The pressure switch hose is bent or detached. Check the condition of the high pressure switch hose. This hose is designed to connect the water level sensor to the pressure chamber. It helps the pressure switch to “understand” how much water got into the drum of the washing machine. During operation, the hose may bend or completely secede. This is the reason why you receive the error message. Put the hose back to its position if it is disconnected.

If after all the above manipulations your Samsung washing machine still displays error 1E / E7, most likely, it is a breakdown.