Self Clean function in Samsung washing machine. How and when to use

When using a washing machine, everyone once encounters the need to clean the drum of the machine. Sometimes, you just walk up to the machine and you may find that the button that starts the self-cleaning function is blinking.

Samsung machines are equipped with a special machine self-cleaning function, which the manufacturer has specially built into the device so that users do not have to go to the repairmen of washing machines or clean the machine themselves with chemicals.

Self Clean function in Samsung washer

The self-cleaning function has several advantages:

  • allows you to effortlessly clean the device;
  • does not leave unpleasant smells;
  • allows you to save on the purchase of special cleaning products;
  • extends the service life of the device;
  • keeps the machine in working order.

It is believed that the main cause of blockages in washing machines is the ingress of foreign objects such as threads, villi, small stones into the filter system. This can lead to a blockage in the water drain system and ultimately to a breakdown of the washing machine.

Any household appliances require care, usually these nuances are spelled out in the user manual, but very often people ignore these points for various reasons. If you want your washing machine to last for a long time, remember that the main process for caring for it is regular cleaning.

Why do I need the self-clean function of a Samsung washing machine?

You used to clean the washing machine drum yourself, although it was not always possible to get deep inside the washing machine, but in the end you decided to switch to self-cleaning. The use of vinegar and various cleaning chemicals is often contraindicated by the manufacturer for cleaning the drum of the machine. That is why he has built in the self-cleaning function of the device, which makes cleaning much easier, in fact, reducing the entire process of caring for the machine to pressing one button.

self-clean function of a Samsung washing machine

Mechanical cleaning does not allow you to completely clean the drum, in addition, you have to use a lot of running water. The self-cleaning function allows you to save water by using a minimum amount of it during flushing. The Samsung self-cleaning function built into the machine cleans the drum very well, returning it to its original form, which the washing machine had before purchase.

In addition, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will not violate the warranty obligations, which will allow you to always contact the Samsung service center if there are problems with the washing machine.

How to turn on the Self Clean feature

The drum cleaning button is located on the main control panel of the washing machine. To start a self-cleaning cycle, do the following:

  1. Remove all things from the machine.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. Press the “self-cleaning” and “start” button.
  4. Wait until the end of cleaning before washing the laundry.

Using the self-clean function with bleach

Chlorine bleach can be used to combat odors or mold during the washing process, which should be added to the powder compartment during the self-cleaning process.

Using the self-cleaning function with bleach

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Empty the drum from things.
  3. Turn on the power button.
  4. Add bleach to the powder drawer of your washing machine
  5. Press the self-cleaning function and the start button.
  6. Wait for the cleaning to finish.
  7. Open the machine, wipe the tank with a dry cloth.
  8. Turn on the rinse and spin cycle.
  9. Open the detergent drawer and leave it to dry.
  10. For front loading models, clean the pump filter.
  11. If the device does not work properly even after cleaning, contact the service technician.

How often to use the self-cleaning function

Cleaning the washing machine is a very important procedure that requires the attention of users. Without cleaning, scale will accumulate in the machine, mold and unpleasant odors will appear.

A washing machine that has not been cleaned on time is unable to perform its functions with one hundred percent performance. If you are a user of a Samsung typewriter, you may already be used to cleaning your device regularly and have already contacted a service center.

samsung washer self-clean

But, the built-in self-cleaning function is a great opportunity to keep your washing machine in first-class condition without turning to the masters once again.

If you have never contacted the service, and have not consulted with the master about how often to use the self-cleaning function, then you should know that this function, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, can be used monthly. Using self clean, you can clean the drum and the internal parts of the machine with high quality. This feature will prolong the life of the product.

In large families, the washing machine is the main helper around the house, since you have to do the laundry every day. With such a load, it would be most optimal to carry out self-cleaning not every month, but more often, for example, two or three times a month, or you can make a calculation based on the number of loads of things in the machine.

The frequency of using the self-cleaning machine also depends on the model used. So, for machines with vertical loading, it is recommended to turn on the self-cleaning function every 20 loads. For models of machines with front loading, self-cleaning can be carried out every 40 washes.

Cons of using special products for cleaning Samsung washing machines

Many are accustomed to using folk methods and chemical cleaning products. However, these tools have a number of disadvantages:

  1. Corrosion of washing machine parts.
  2. Spending on the purchase of special funds.
  3. Wasting time cleaning.
  4. Incorrect cleaning may cause breakage.

The manufacturer does not recommend the use of everyone’s favorite vinegar in the process of cleaning the machine or along with the self-cleaning function. But you can use liquid chlorine bleach.

Self-Clean indicator

If you have been using a Samsung machine for some time, you may notice that the self-cleaning indicator on it lights up. What does it mean?

This light means that it’s time to start cleaning the device. This indicator just helps users determine when the machine needs to be flushed, so you don’t even have to remember and keep track of the last cleaning date.

A flashing icon on the panel indicates that it is time to start the self-cleaning function.

Regardless of the model of the washing machine, whether it is a front-loading or top-loading machine, the indicator starts flashing after 20 loads. If at this time you do not start the self-cleaning process, after another five downloads, the icon will stop flashing and will start again only after another twenty downloads.

Although you can ignore this sign and continue using the washing machine, you should still remember that the indicator lights up so that you remember that the device needs cleaning. If this signal is constantly ignored, in the end, it may happen that sewage accumulates in the drum and other parts of the machine, and the machine breaks down, after which you will have to contact the master to solve the problem.

The “self-clean” button does not turn on

If the washing machine is not working at full capacity and the clothes are not washed properly in the end, you need to run the self-cleaning function of the washing machine.

How to determine that the self-cleaning function has failed?

If the process of washing the drum has come up, an unpleasant odor is drawn from the machine, you need to start the self-cleaning function. You press the self-cleaning button, but the cycle does not start, this indicates that there is most likely a malfunction. If you have run the self-cleaning process and found that the clothes were not washed properly in the next load, this may also indicate that the self-cleaning function has failed.

self-clean button

Before contacting a service center, try these few steps:

  1. Turn on the self-cleaning button.
  2. Turn on the rinse and spin function.
  3. Wash a small amount of clothes.
  4. Turn on the self-cleaning function with bleach.
  5. Turn on the rinse and spin function.
  6. Wash a small amount of clothes.

If after these steps the machine also does not show one hundred percent performance, and the self-cleaning function does not work, then you should contact the professionals to solve the problem.

Samsung technical support

Samsung allows users to request technical support daily, via online chat or by phone (possibly during business hours). When it’s time to contact the service department due to problems in the washing machine associated with self-cleaning, you can contact one of the company’s suppliers

You can contact third-party services for advice and repair of your washing machine. However, Samsung does not support this option and may refuse to service you in the future. You can contact the technical service of Samsung through its official website, by contacting consultants or by phone to agree on the departure of the master at home. You can also deliver the machine to any service center yourself.