Several reasons why the washing machine stopped mid cycle

From time to time, household appliances have malfunctions, especially if the operating rules are violated. There are several reasons why the washing machine stops in the middle of a cycle. Wet and soapy clothes remain inside while attempts to restart the device fail. This unfortunate misunderstanding is infuriating. This problem occurs frequently. Its causes depend on what type of loading the machine has (vertical or frontal).

Why does my top loader stop during a wash cycle?

Consider the most common causes of failure of devices with vertical loading.

Faulty lid switch

Faulty lid switch

The lid switch has several functions. When it breaks, the washing machine stops working normally. The part is made of plastic, so it fails with long use.

The switch gives the device a permission command when it is possible to proceed to the next stage of the cycle. If the element is broken, then the washing machine interprets its signal as an “open lid”. Accordingly, the device stops the program, as it cannot proceed to the next cycle.

To determine the malfunction, you must arm yourself with a multimeter, and also check the part for integrity. To eliminate the problem with false signals, replacing the switch with a new one will help.

Drive belt failure

Drive belt failure

Often owners of Whirlpool washing machines face such a breakdown. The fact that the drive belt has flown off is evidenced by several factors:

  1. The motor runs but the drum does not rotate.
  2. The machine does not start during program activation.
  3. After starting the cycle, the machine starts to work, but freezes.
  4. The device emits a creak and rattle.

Often the breakdown code is displayed on the display with a combination of E1 and E5. If the malfunction is not corrected, this will lead to a break in the wiring and damage to the sensors.

Drain pump clogged

The drain pump is an important element of the washing machine, because it drains the water from the tank between cycles. Identifying a problem is not always easy. Usually, if there is a malfunction, the device freezes after activating the pump and drainage, and then the “chain” breaks.

Faulty or clogged drain pump

The problem may be related to the ingress of small objects into the pump. To do this, you will need to clean the pump yourself. If it turns out that it is not very clogged, then there is another faulty component in the system.

Unbalanced load

An unbalanced load causes the washing machine to stop the program during the work cycle. Bulky and heavy things loaded into the drum shift the load inside. Modern models report this by showing an error code on the display.

You can fix the problem by opening the lid and spreading things evenly. This advice may not always be helpful. If the traction elements of the device are worn out, the machine will still interrupt the cycle. In this case, it will be necessary to diagnose and replace worn parts.

Unbalanced load

Why does a front loading washing machine stop during a wash cycle?

Consider why a front-facing washing machine stops during a cycle.

Pressure switch malfunction

A failure of the pressure switch causes the appliance to stop in the middle of a cycle. This detail controls the amount of water collected for different modes. When the relay fails, the machine starts to draw water, but stops and gives an error. First of all, the owner of the device should clean the hose from blockages. If the error persists, the switch will need to be checked with a multimeter. In any case, a defective element must be replaced.

Unbalanced load

The problem of unbalanced load is found in all types of washing machines. In order not to encounter such a nuisance, it is necessary to load light things into the drum. For example, rugs, carpets, bed linen are best washed by hand or use dry cleaning services.

If the machine stops in the middle of the cycle, open the lid, spread out the laundry in an even layer and start the program again. It might not help. Then it is worth checking the shock absorbers for defects. Parts wear out and fail over time. In this case, they must be completely replaced.

Clogged or broken drain pump

A clogged drain pump stops draining water between cycles. In fact, the machine stops in the middle of the program with the door locked. If the pump makes noise, but does not perform its functions, then it is really clogged. To fix the problem, you must drain the water through the emergency hose, and then access the pump and check it for defects and blockages. A damaged part must be replaced.

Clogged or broken drain pump

Wiring problems

Wiring problems are more common in Samsung washing machines. The device reacts to a malfunction by a sharp stop in the middle of the cycle. To understand the problem, you need to find the Hall sensor and inspect the wires connected to it. Damaged wiring will prevent the instrument from continuing to operate. They need a complete replacement.

Recommendations for owners who are faced with a problem

To prevent the washing machine from interrupting work in the middle of the cycle, you must follow some recommendations:

  1. Do not load heavy or bulky items such as carpets, large towels, and bed linens into the drum. When wet, they become heavy, causing an unbalanced load on the device.
  2. Periodically clean the drain pump. This element has the ability to become clogged with small debris, buttons and threads.
  3. At the first sign of a malfunction, it is important to diagnose and not ignore the problem. Then you do not have to pay for expensive repairs of failed parts.

washer repair

Most often, the technique informs its owners of error codes, by which they can understand the reason for stopping the cycle. But in any case, it is important to understand that any breakdown requires an integrated approach. Carrying out regular preventive measures will help prevent most problems.