Troubleshooting error code F5 in Maytag washer

New washing machines signal any malfunction by highlighting certain codes. At the same time, the interpretation of these values for each brand of machine is different. So what should you do if your Maytag washing machine gives you an F5 warning?

This code on this particular model of the washing machine means the impossibility of blocking the lid. There may be some clothing or other object that is preventing the lid from closing completely. This is the most common cause of blocking closure. However, there are others. We will analyze each of them in detail in this article.

maytag washer f5 error code

How to fix the problem with closing the lid yourself

The first step is to make sure that nothing prevents the door from closing and locking. To do this, open the washing machine and carefully inspect it from the inside.

In addition, the problem may be hidden from your eyes. In some cases, the incorrect position of the striker prevents the complete closure of the lock. This part provides a push on the lid switch. In this case, you need to check the system for the accumulation of lint or compressed residues of washing powder, it is these contaminants that can prevent the lid from closing.

The problem may lie in a malfunction of the actuator motor. It may not function or have a wiring fault.

A front-loading washing machine can be checked for a malfunction as follows:

  • If the door does not lock immediately after washing starts, this is normal. The lock is locked after about ten seconds.
  • Next, check the lock for blockages, remove the remnants of washing powder, lint and other foreign objects.
  • If the lock still does not lock, unplug the washing machine. After thirty seconds, the equipment can be restarted by reconnecting to the power supply.

Sometimes small dirt blocking the lock is simply not visible. However, over time, they can accumulate and exacerbate the situation. You can clean this mechanism without disassembling it. However, this must be done with extreme caution, otherwise you will simply aggravate the situation.

problem with closing the lid

Maytag washing machine owner story

The owner of the washing machine spoke about his experience with the F5 error. The technique at some point began to give an error, which was accompanied by a clicking sound during switching on and off. In addition, a flashing lid lock light also signaled a malfunction. Attempts to restart the washing machine using the control buttons did not work.

To solve the problem, the owner used an air compressor. With the help of this device, he blew the lock of the lid. These manipulations worked, the device stopped giving the corresponding error.

The cause of the breakdown, most likely, was the sandy area in which the user lived. The mechanism could become clogged with tiny particles that fell from the street into the housing.

User Tips

Before calling the master, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to restart the washing machine. It must be disconnected from the network and wait about ten minutes. To enhance the effect, remove all possible obstacles that prevent the lock from being turned on. After the specified time, turn on the machine.
  • The second option would be to hold the cycle end button for at least 20 seconds. Such manipulation will allow you to reboot the equipment and remove the error code.

If you have the appropriate skills and have the necessary tools, you can repair a faulty lock yourself. To do this, you need to disconnect the wires from the faulty lock and transfer them to the working one.

Troubleshooting Maytag washer

Questions from users

How to enable diagnostic mode on the Maytag washer?
Make sure your appliance is in standby mode and all indicators are off. In this case, the power must be turned on. Then select any button, press it and hold for about three seconds. It is worth remembering that you should not use the power, start and stop buttons for this. Do the same manipulations three times.
This will take you into diagnostic testing mode. The success of the hit will be signaled by the light bulbs of all indicators, which are activated for five seconds. In addition, “88” will appear on the display. If you were unable to start the test mode, then try to do it through another button. However, if several such attempts were unsuccessful, then you will have to resort to the help of a master.
In the event of an error, the machines will show the corresponding code in diagnostic mode. It is worth writing them down, perhaps this information will be needed by the master for further repairs.
If the display shows the combination “88”, then there are no errors. In this case, the equipment will automatically go into testing mode.
At the end of the testing process, press the power button. This is required to log out.


How to manually drain water from a Maytag washing machine?
It is easy to drain the washing machine yourself, although this will require some physical effort. It is also worth taking care of the availability of buckets and towels in advance.
Work should begin by de-energizing the washing machine. Next, it must be moved away from the walls and disconnected from the water supply system.
Remove the laundry from the washing drum and use the ladle to pour out the water from the drum. Next, you need to pull the drain hose out of the drain (it is located on the back side). The remaining water will drain to the floor. Therefore, you will have to spend time and effort to remove the liquid from the surface.


What is the service life of this brand of washing machine?
Washing machines manufactured by Maytag have proven themselves in the home appliance market on the positive side. They combine quality and reliability at an affordable price. With careful maintenance, the washing machine can last more than twenty years. At the same time, according to statistics, the vast majority of washing machines serve no more than eleven years.


How to remove the error code that is displayed on the display of the Maytag washing machine?
You can remove the error code in a couple of clicks, but this will not solve a real problem. If you don’t fix it, the error code will reappear.
To clear the code, press the Pause/Cancel button and then press the Power button.
If this method does not work, then turn off the washer for at least a minute. Such a reload usually solves the code problem.
The third option would be to run the cycle without laundry. In some cases, this action helps to remove the code from the display.


What causes the wash cycle to take too long?
The wash cycle of a Maytag washing machine can take significantly longer. This is due to the failure of the load measurement system. In addition, the root cause of the problem may be a malfunction of the control panel. Also, the duration of the wash may increase due to a malfunction of the water supply valve.
So, replacing the intake valve or filter is not difficult. But it is unlikely that you will be able to solve problems with a measurement system or a control panel on your own. It won’t work without a specialist.


How long does a typical wash cycle take?
On average, a Maytag wash cycle lasts 41 minutes. This time also includes rinsing and spinning. The duration of the wash is affected by the water supply and the condition of the filter.
Summing up, it is worth noting that in order to extend the life of your washing machine, it is important to change worn parts in time and follow the recommendations in the instructions.