What does UB code mean and how to fix it on Samsung washer

Samsung washing machines require an optimal level of balance to function properly. If it is not reached, the display will show the error code UB. He reports that the load of the unit is not balanced, and, therefore, his drum cannot rotate safely. Usually, this state of affairs leads to:

  • placing too much or too little laundry in the tank;
  • failure of the suspension rods;
  • incorrect adjustment of the legs of the household appliance during its installation;
  • its uneven position;
  • breakage of shock absorbers.

Samsung washer UB code

Issuance of UB code by Samsung equipment

If Samsung washing machines give an error code UB, then such a signal indicates their imbalance.

Maintaining balance when loading things

The unit in question functions by spinning clothes in a round drum. In the process of its long processing, the dirt is gradually shaken up, and a good detergent thoroughly cleans each item. With a fast rotation at the end of the cycle, water is squeezed out of the laundry.

In order for the washing results not to disappoint, a stable balance must be maintained inside the drum. That is, for its effective rotation, the mass of things must be evenly distributed. If the weight inside ceases to be balanced, then the error code UB appears.

Maintaining balance

Additional features

The indicated symbol is often accompanied by several specific signs.

A distinct imbalance in the loading of the machine occurs due to the excessive placement of too many items to be cleaned or large items (for example, blankets or sheets) in the drum. Such a discrepancy immediately leads to its swaying when it starts to hit the inside of the unit.

When it is balanced, even at the highest speeds the drum rotates in balance.

Causes of imbalance and ways to eliminate it

It is necessary to list a number of common causes of load imbalance in Samsung home appliances, as well as the most effective ways to eliminate them.

Large or small download volume

Samsung washing machines must be properly filled to maintain the required balance. Insufficient and increased loading leads to its violation, as a result of which the drum begins to rotate randomly.

If the number of things is too large, then the weight will be concentrated on only one side of it. Such a misalignment interferes with its normal rotation. Therefore, for the free functioning of the machine, the load must correspond to ⅔ of the volume of the tank.

If it is insufficient and there are too few clothes in the drum, then its mass will not be distributed evenly. Then the balance will be broken. Therefore, if the linen has accumulated less than a third of the volume, then it is worth getting things to the required amount.

This problem is solved very easily.

  1. Do not use the machine if there is not enough laundry to fill ⅓ of its capacity.
  2. If you still need his help, then you should add a few towels to the drum to increase the total weight of the load.
  3. It is better to divide a large amount of things into several small washings.
  4. The volume of clothes should not be more than ⅔ of the capacity of the tank for their uniform distribution and free rotation of the drum.

misalignment of the legs

The roughness of the surface and misalignment of the legs

An imbalance inside a household appliance is very often a clear result of its improper placement in the house. Any devices must stand on a completely level surface to ensure proper balance of equipment inside and out. Typically, Samsung washing machines are equipped with several adjustable legs. They must be adjusted as precisely as possible so that the unit is positioned correctly.

In many houses, the floor is not very even. Then, after a long period of operation, the Samsung machine is able to gradually move to a less flat part of it. In addition, the adjustable feet underneath it may not be properly adjusted when it is installed.

Fixing this problem is quite simple. First, you need to make sure that the Samsung unit is on a flat part of the floor. Then you need to take a wrench and adjust each leg under the washer to stabilize the position of the household appliance.

To determine the usefulness of the balance during operation, you need to use a spirit level. Nowadays, smartphone applications are also used for the same purpose.

Hanger rod wear

Hanging rods (top-loading devices)

Samsung top-loading models are equipped with a series of suspension rods to ensure that the drum is properly balanced. In general, they are similar to springs and securely fix the part inside the frame.

But after too long service life, the structural elements in question often break. If one of them stops working, the rest will hold the drum. However, it will no longer be possible to achieve a full balance, which will cause the UB error code.

To eliminate it, the suspension rod must be replaced.

  1. To search for a breakdown, you need to remove the outer panels to provide free access to parts.
  2. After it is obtained, it is necessary to examine the hanging rods placed in each corner.
  3. It is better to replace them all at the same time, regardless of the degree of wear.
  4. It is not necessary to remove the drum to perform repairs. It is enough to remove the damaged rod and replace it with a new one.

Shock absorber failure

Shock absorber failure in front-loading equipment

In Samsung washing machines of this type, shock absorbers provide a reliable balance of the position of the drum. They fail as they wear out when the unit is operated for too long a period. These faulty parts cannot be repaired, so they are changed all at once.

Installing shock absorbers on a front-loading Samsung home appliance is not too difficult. The front panel must first be completely removed to provide the desired access. Then you should remove the appropriate fasteners, install new ones and fix them.

Clearing the UB Error Code

To remove the specified symbol from Samsung devices, you should find the main reason for its appearance. Then you need to fix the problem, taking into account the previous recommendations. Applying the desired settings, you can quickly reset the signal.

UB Error Code

Adjusting settings

To restart Samsung appliances, you must first unplug it from the power supply. Then you need to remove the plug from the outlet or turn off the special automation in the shield.

After that, let the washing machine discharge the residual electricity. To do this, leave it for about five minutes.

Then you need to reconnect it and put it into action. Then the unit settings will be completely reset and the error code will disappear.

Entering diagnostic mode

The device of Samsung household appliances provides for a convenient diagnostic mode that displays all current error codes. To gain access to it, you must perform certain actions:

  • make sure that the device is turned on and connected to electricity;
  • press the buttons “Delayed start” and “Level of pollution”;
  • hold them until the sound signal and several zeros appear on the display;
  • once again press the “Contamination level” button to switch to the diagnostic mode marked with the letter “D”;
  • turn the handle of the washing machine and, if available, examine the active error codes;
  • end the process when the letter “D” appears again.

Entering diagnostic mode

Using the diagnostic mode, you can confirm the resolution of problems with the UB code and check for other errors of note.

Monitoring the condition of a Samsung machine after repair

The best way to test Samsung units after troubleshooting or a major repair is to run a full-wash program. Then each major function is activated and will allow to carry out the necessary control of its efficiency.

In order not to waste too much time, you need to choose the shortest program that is available on a specific model of Samsung equipment. An example is the “Rinse + Spin” mode, in which the drum will start spinning at a very high speed. Then it will be possible to make sure that its balance is in full accordance with the requirements for the operation of the washing machine.