What to do, if the Kenmore washer series 500 stuck on sensing

Owners of Kenmore 500 series washing machines often complain about a problem in their operation associated with the start of the wash. After loading things and starting the program, the machine freezes in read mode and does not start the process. This may be due to several reasons, the main ones being:

  • Faulty water supply valve.
  • Defective shift actuator.
  • Failure of the control board.

The water supply valve performs a simple function – it opens when you need to draw water and closes when its amount reaches the desired level. If it breaks, or, for example, gets stuck in the wrong position, the automatic washing machine cannot recognize whether water has accumulated or not, whether it is enough to wash things. A software failure occurs that needs to be thrown off by rebooting household appliances or eliminating the cause that led to its malfunction.

Kenmore washer series 500 stuck on sensing

The gear change drive provides switching modes for the washing machine. Thanks to him, the technique switches from the washing mode to the spin mode. If something happened to the drive, the automation does not allow the washing machine to start working, because not all of its components are in good condition. Electronics works strictly in accordance with the programmed programs.

The control board is the main component of any washing machine. All commands sent by sensors and other control systems pass through it. Without an electronic board, the operation of equipment is impossible. Therefore, if it is damaged, you must contact the service center to repair the damage, if possible.

Kenmore washing machines are reliable and easy to repair, and some breakdowns can be fixed on your own. The main thing is to remember about safety and disconnect the machine from the 220-volt network before performing certain manipulations. It is also advisable to use original spare parts to extend the life of household appliances.

What is read mode

The Kenmore washing machine’s auto-detect feature is used to control water consumption and automate the entire washing process. This is necessary so that the clothes are cleaned properly, and the water is not consumed too much.

read mode

While pressing the “Start” button, the lid lock is automatically checked, which holds it throughout the entire washing process. The procedure is accompanied by a click and turning the basket left and right. At the same time, the lid is temporarily unlocked and then locked again.

The next moment is a slight movement of the drum. This is required to determine the degree of loading. In the next 2-3 minutes, a set of water begins, after which the drum moves again and hangs for a while so that the clothes are normally soaked.

Further water is periodically added inside. Automation determines the amount of water required to wash the loaded items. After this has happened, the wash begins. If there is little water, the level sensor sends a signal to the control board to open the inlet valve and get the missing amount.

The sensors inside the washing machine perform important functions. They determine the weight of items and the amount of water required to wash them. If they fail, the machine does not start its work, error codes are displayed on the display.

Why does the machine freeze in read mode? Causes.

If certain elements inside the washing machine fail, it freezes in parameter reading mode and cannot proceed to the next step. To begin with, you can try to disconnect it from electricity, and then start it again. If this does not help, start troubleshooting and start fixing them.

Faulty water inlet valve

The valve is so named because it controls the flow of water into the washing machine. Connects to DHW and cold water hoses. Its breakdown leads to a lack of water or its complete absence, so washing does not start and the equipment may freeze in the reading mode. The valve cannot be repaired, it is replaced with a new one.

Sometimes the cause of the washing machine not working properly is a clogged inlet. It is enough to clean them and the flow of water will be restored. Most often, the holes are blocked by lime deposits, various debris, as a result of which water does not get inside.

How to remove the water inlet valve:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine from the 220 volt network.
  2. Turn off the hot and cold water taps, disconnect the hoses using pliers or other suitable tool. Keep in mind that water will pour, so prepare a container for it.
  3. Check the filters, remove any debris from there, look inside the water valve, clean it if necessary. Clogging is often the cause of valve malfunction.

machine freeze in read mode

If there is no blockage, check the integrity of the electromagnetic coil (solenoid). Do this with a multimeter. Your task is to make sure there is no continuity. How to do it:

  1. Remove the front or back panel (depending on the model of the washing machine). Refer to the user manual to see where the valve is located.
  2. After you see the valve, look at the coil. There are 2 wires going to it. Disconnect them.
  3. Set the “OHM X1” setting on the meter to determine the continuity of the electrical circuit. Connect test leads to terminals.

If there is resistance, you will see a digital value. If it is 0 or infinity, then the coil is not working and needs to be replaced.

Transmission Drive Malfunction

In vertical loading Kermor washing machines there is a gear shift drive. It provides switching between washing and spinning modes. At the start of the wash cycle, the position of the tub is checked. This involves automation. In this case, the switching drive must be on the spin cycle.

If it so happened that the actuator remained in the wrong position, then there is a problem in the electrical or mechanical part. In this case, the control board will send all new commands to the drive in order to set it to the desired position. If attempts do not lead to the desired result, the lid lock light will flash, notifying that there is a malfunction. And it will be connected with the gearshift drive.

To make sure that the problem is really with the drive, go into diagnostic mode and look for error codes that indicate this problem. Look in the instructions of the manufacturer of household appliances to decipher the codes.

Malfunction of the main control board

In addition to a malfunction of the gear shift drive, the main control board can deliver trouble. Repairs are more expensive and must be carried out by a qualified technician. It’s good if there are problems with the wiring, but worse if the board burns out.

Access the control board. Make sure that all contacts going to it are in good condition. Check it for damage. Take electrical measurements.

main control board