Whirlpool Duet washer error code E01 F06

Whirlpool duet washer error code E01 F06

If you see the E01 F06 Error code indicated on the control board of your Whirlpool Duet, which is accompanied by the termination of all the operations, you have issues with electronic communication between the main module and the engine. In this case, the appliance stops all processes and refuses to start any.

What can cause the E01 F06 Error?

As was already said, in most cases, the E01 F06 Error code is indicated on the display of your washer in case the connection between the control unit and the motor controller has been lost. Other explanations of this error can be the failure of the motor itself or the faulty switch of the door.

Another possibility is a one-time malfunction of the control panel, which is the easiest to determine and reset.

How to fix the E01 F06 Error?

First of all, give your machine some rest, unplugging it for 15 minutes. After you switch it back on and don’t see the Error code on the screen, you can try to run the quick self-diagnostic program by switching a combination of any three buttons except for Power in the exact order, two times in a row. If you did everything right, you will see a 888 combination on the board, this means the system is ready to run a test. To start it — press the button that was the second in your combo. When the bulbs started blinking, press the Start button to activate the self-diagnostics.

If you don’t see the E01 F06 code, then everything is ok and it was just a short glitch of the electronics. If it is still indicated — the more serious problem exists in your machine and you need to find it.

Whirlpool duet washer error code E01 F06 main control unit

As you already know from deciphering the code, this Error means that the main control unit and the control module of the motor can not communicate properly. So the malfunction may be in one of the modules or in the wire connection between them. To check the connections you need to find the main module, which is located in the upper part of the device, and the motor control unit, which is placed in its bottom part, under the tank of the machine.

You can start witch checking the wires at the control module, some of them might have been loosened or burnt out. You can detach and then connect back each wire, one by one. After you finished with the upper element, proceed with the examination of the wires which are connected to the motor controller.

Сontrol module of the motor

You can also use a multimeter, which shall indicate numbers from 8,5 to 14 in case everything is in order.

After the wires are checked and no malfunction was detected, you’d better call a professional repairman in order to run a diagnostic of both the motor and the control unit of your appliance. In the case of the engine, some of its parts could have burned out and have to be fixed or changed. But is there is a failure of the main control module, unfortunately, it will have to be replaced.