Whirlpool Duet washer error code F35

Whirlpool Duet washer error code f35

The indication of the F35 Error code on the control board of your Whirlpool washing appliance points on the issues with the water level sensor, which is responsible for sending signals to the main unit when its time to fill the water into the tank.

In simple words, the water level sensor measures the pressure in the tank, which raises the amount of water filling it.

What can cause the F35 Error?

There are not too many options on how to decipher the F35 code properly. In 99% of cases, it is connected with the water level pressure switch or its wiring. But sometimes the indication of this combination can be caused by a one-time malfunction of the control board, which can be reset by rebooting the appliance.

Sometimes you can avoid the appearance of the F35 code. If you notice that your device doesn’t get enough water or has difficulties with spinning and rinsing, these are the first signs of problems with the pressure switch and you need to inspect it as soon as possible, as in some cases it may lead to the damage of the heating element, which you will have to replace.

How to fix the F35 Error?

If after rebooting the appliance, the F35 code is still indicated on the screen, you should start examinations the sensor, which is located in the upper part of the machine a is pretty easy to ding and take out.

So after you removed the upper panel of the washer, find the pressure switch and start taking photos of how it is connected, not to confuse anything when you will be installing it back, or replacing it with a new component.

Check the sensor for the visible signs of damage, clean it. Take out the small pipe and put a tube of the same diameter. Carefully blow it through. If you hear a “click” sound, your pressostat is fine. If not — it has to be replaced. You can also check it with a multimeter, to make sure.

Whirlpool Duet washer error code f35 pressostat

Now its time to check the wiring connection of the sensor. The wires can be loosened, disconnected, or burnt-out, so if you find any damaged one — it has to be fixed or replaced, as this is the reason why the sensor can send signals to the main module, and the machine stops working.

Whirlpool Duet washer error code f35 control module

If the pressostat and its connections are ok, but you still see the F35 Error code on the display, there is probably a malfunction of the control module of your device. Some of its elements might have burned out because of the voltage surges or any other reasons, and have to be replaced now.

If there are no visible signs of breakage and all the contacts and elements look fine, it is recommended to contact a specialist, who will be able to properly diagnose the device and proceed with necessary repairs or replacements.