Bosch washer error code E13

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code E13

Sometimes the water does not leave the tank of the washer after the cycle is complete, or the draining process takes too long, so your machine may start indicating the E13 Error Code on its control panel.

What can cause the E13 Error?

So the E13 error is a reflection of the following issue: the draining takes too long. And the most common explanation for it is that the hosepipe or water-filter is clogged or, probably, the pump is broken. The sewage system may also be blocked.

More serious reasons are:

  • A failure of the pressostat;
  • A damaged transmission belt;
  • Breakage of the pump;
  • A malfunction of the control unit.

How to fix the E13 Error?

To find the reason for the E13 error, start from the most obvious things: check the hosepipe, filter and sewage system for clogs and damages.

Switch off and unplug your device from the main, they disconnect the hose and take off the filter. Rinse them thoroughly. After detaching the hosepipe, you will get access to the sewage system, the issue could be in the incorrect connection of the pipe, of extra dirt in the system, so try to clean it up. Then I slay the filter back and screw the hose so that it doesn’t break and leans tightly.

If the problem isn’t gone after cleaning, proceed with the examination of other elements.

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code E13 pressostat

To check pressostat you need to disconnect it from all pipes and wires and carefully take it off. Put the tube of a small diameter into the sensor and blow in it. If you hear clicks, the sensor is in order, so just clean it and install it back. If there was no sound — the pressure switch has to be replaced.

To check the transmission belt you have to remove the back panel of the appliance. You can easily see if it is misplaced or damaged. So you should whether place it correctly on the pulley or replace it with the new one, properly installing.

Your device is unplugged from the mains and all the water is drained through the emergency drainage system. Now you can inspect the drain pump. Its wires are connected to the bottom part of the machine, but to disconnect and remove it properly you have to take off the top and rear panels on the appliance.

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code E13 drain pump

After detaching the wires, turn the drain pump counter clock-wise and you will be able to take it off easily. Check all the elements — some may be worn out. To install the new pump you just have to repeat all the steps in the reverse order.

If none of the above steps helped you reset the E13 error, the problem is most likely in the main control unit, which is better to consult the specialist about, as there might be different breakages in the electronic system, and some of them are pretty difficult to fix without professional help.

It is possible that only one or two elements of the unit have to be repaired or replaced, but in some cases, the whole component has to be changed.