Bosch washer error code E32

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E32

The error under the E32 code is one of the minor issues with the operating of your Bosch washing machine. The code indicates the attempt of the device to fix the im-balance in the drum, caused by not evenly distribution of the laundry. The error usually appears in the spinning cycle, when the drum’s swinging becomes excessive.

All the modern appliances are furnished with a special self-protective system against such imbalance and the E32 code on the display shows that the device started running this program.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E32 drum loading

Unbalance is most often caused by overweight or underweight of the laundry in the drum. In the first case, the drum becomes too heavy and it’s getting harder for it to spin, in the second case, small items create a bigger vibration. It is more than easy to resolve this issue: just open the hatch, take out extra clothes or put some more.

The minimum weight of the laundry has to be 1 kg, as for the maximum weight and volume — check the manual for your exact model. But remember, that the perfect volume of your laundry is 70%-80% of the drum.

Besides the weight and volume of the items in your laundry, try to sort the fabrics and load only similar ones at a time. Cotton is the easiest fabric to coop with — it is not heavy and its absorption parameters are just perfect for the drum to spin properly.

The thing with the unbalanced drum can lead to more serious consequences — it can cause cracks and damage to the drum and tank, because of extra vibrating, so please make sure you load your machine properly.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E32 сheck the legs

Another reason for your device to show the E32 code on the screen is the improper installation of the washer. Check the legs of the appliance and try to level it up with the floor, the legs do not have to be “in the air”. This can cause damage to the ma-chine’s body and lead to more issues.

Worn out bearings can also lead to the drum imbalance, as well as incorrect as-semble of the machine, which will be pretty difficult to indicate. So the first thing to do is to load the proper amount of proper fabrics and start the cycle again. If the code disappears from the screen — you are good, just don’t forget to always follow these instructions.

If these steps didn’t help is resetting the error, call the specialist, who will be able to make a full diagnostic, and probably detect the fabric defect.