Bosch washer error code E57 

Bosch washer error code E57

E57 also indicated as F57 on some models of the Bosch washing machines, is the code, reflecting a serious problem with the motor of your device. The code shows an issue with the drive or the control unit of the motor and requires an urgent fixing.

The elder version of the washers never had such a problem, but the new generation models have their engines to sensitive to the voltage and power drops. It affects the electronic components of the device and the inverter motor elements.

The inverter motor is one of the most sensitive elements of the washer, and the F57 error code signals three possible problems with it:

  • a failure of the power module;
  • weakened contacts between power and inverter modules;
  • a broken inverter module.

Bosch washer error code E57 weakened contacts between power and inverter modules

However, this might be just a short failure in the system and you will be able to reset the error in two simple steps. Switch the device off, unplug it and disconnect it from the water supply system. Leave it like that for about 20-30 minutes, and then install it again. Switch it on and check whether the error is still being indicated on the display.

In case the F57 error code appears on the control panel again, it is better to call a specialist, who will properly examine the appliance and indicate the exact problem, which will be pretty difficult to do yourself without special instruments and experience.

The electronic units of the washing machines are pretty expensive to replace, but sometimes they are possible to repair, this is why, not to risk, call a professional repairman, and it will increase the chances of reanimating your machine.