Bosch washer error code F17

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code F17

If your Bosch appliance refuses to start a washing cycle, and the display demon-strates the code E17 or F17, your device is trying to tell, that the drum isn’t getting enough water to begin a cycle. Basically, the E17 error reflects the “Excess water time”. In the appliances with no screen, the issue is reflected by the lighting of the 1000 and 800 rpm indicators and rinse mode.

What can cause the F17 Error?

So by showing the F17 code, the washer signals that the drum does not contain enough liquid to activate the program, or that the water intake is extremely slow. This signal can also report a breakage, but it is recommended that you first check the external factors that could cause this issue.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code F17 hosepipe

In simple words, this code stands for no water supply to the tank, i.e. the device cannot start the washing process because the water doesn’t flow through the hose-pipe.

Such a malfunction may occur not only at the beginning of work but also in all its stages (washing, rinsing). That means, that due to the long absence of water, the system can not start or continue the washing process.

There might be several explanations for this situation:

  • Water supply problems: too weak pressure or it’s absence.
  • The clog of the hosepipe or water filter.
  • Faulty valve.
  • Failure of the pressostat or pressure sensor.
  • Control module malfunction.
  • Problems with connections of some parts.

How to fix the F17 Error?

After checking the water-supply system, you can proceed to the next step.  Unfasten the device from the mains to start inspecting the water pipe. Before removing it, it is recommended to check it for creases and tears that prevent the normal flow of water into the washing device.

If you found nothing, the filler hose must be removed and thoroughly checked for any clogs. If the hosepipe is blocked, it should be cleaned. If the issue is not resolved, continue with the examination of the valve.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code F17 Check the valve

The valve’s function is to regulate the flow of water into the tank. Most of the time it remains closed. The following steps are carried out to check it after the device is unplugged and disconnected from the water supply:

  1. Detach it from all the pipes;
  2. Remove the cover of the machine;
  3. Unscrew the fixers and take out the valve;
  4. Check the valve with the multimeter;
  5. Examine the contacts of the valve;
  6. Test it for clogs and imperfections;
  7. Reinstall the fixed valve or the new one.

Now you can check whether the appliance still demonstrates the F17 error or not. If the code is on the screen, proceed with the inspection of the pressure-sensor.

The sensor controls the quantity of water in the tank.  It is located in front of the valve. So as the top panel of your washer is already taken off, find the switcher and divide it from the clamp and a pipe. To check whether it works or not, you have to put a tube (of the same diameter the pipe is) into the detector and blow in it. The working pressostat produces clicks, the damaged sensor doesn’t react to pressure rise. So if it is out if the order, disconnect it from wires and contacts, and replace it with the new one. It is highly recommended to take a photo of how the original sensor was detached, not to miss anything.

If your pressure-switch was in order, it’s time to examine the main control component. The module is the brain of the appliance, which gives all the orders for systems to start working, so if there is a control unit failure it has to be resolved as soon as possible. Check all the wires and elements, some of them might be burnt and need a replacement. Carefully look at all the connections of the module with the pressure sensor and the valve, you have been testing before. As it is a vital component of the device, it is recommended to call a specialist in case of any doubts and difficulties.