Bosch washer error code F43

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code F43

The F43 error code on the control panel of your Bosch washer signalizes that not everything is right with the rotation of the machine’s engine. Besides the code indi-cator, you can see the problem by how the washer works — the motor rotates hardly, the machine moves up and down and you can hear a loud sound.

What is the F43 error?

So you started running the washing program and the Bosch device displayed the F43 code. This alphanumeric combination indicates a problem with the motor or the fact that the drum is locked. The engine simply doesn’t rotate or rotates with a huge effort, slowly and loudly.

There can be several reasons for such “behavior”. Before disassembling the machine to check the internal components, make sure that the tank is not blocked by a foreign object that has got stuck during washing. To do so, you can manually turn the drum, and if it rotates easily and doesn’t make any sound — that’s not your case.

Another explanation for F43 error can be in the overloaded drum. When the weight or volume of your laundry load exceeds the recommended limits, it makes it harder for the drum to spin.

The worn-out bearings can also cause difficulty in the drum rotation. It is pretty easy to replace them, but if not do it — in time it can lead to the breakage if the drum.

The more serious explanation is the malfunction of the tachogenerator, in which the main function is to send signals to the main module, when the foreign object gets between the drum and the tank, changing the rotation speed. So when it does not work properly, the machine’s brain just can’t see the problem, that is why it’s crucial to replace the broken component.

Failure of the main control unit can also lead to F43 error. A qualified specialist is needed to resolve it. Most likely, the unit has to be replaced by the new one.

How to fix the F43 error?

First of all, unload the drum and try to run a washing cycle with a proper amount of items inside. If the error code is still on the screen, you should manually check the rotation of the drum. Do not forget to unplug the device before you start the exami-nation. Listen carefully to where you hear the sound — the object may be stuck be-tween the tank and the drum, in the bottom part or around the drum. Depending on its location, it can be easy or pretty difficult to take it off the appliance.

If you didn’t manage to do it by hand without disassembling the washer, take off the back wall and try to do it from there. The heating element of the engine is placed under the drum. Simply remove it and examine the space — to check whether there is any foreign item there, also look carefully on the element, in case there are any scales.

See if the belt has come off the pulley or the engine shaft. If the belt is not the prob-lem, it must be removed, unscrew the motor mounting bolts and disconnect the wires.

Then expel the cylinder and the drum relative to the tank to easier get to the item. Swirl the drum again. Now you can double-check for the foreign element and take it off through the opened ”window”.

After putting everything back on its places, start the new washing cycle and see whether the error code is still.indicated on the display. If it is still there, then the issue is more serious and you need to contact the specialist.