Candy washing machine error e03

Candy washing machine error e03

Needless to say, a failure washing machine can be a great frustration. No one wants to carry bags filled with linen to a laundry these days. The E3 error code can be pretty much of a nuisance.

If there is the F3 error code or the power light is blinking three times before the machine pauses and then tries to resume it, there is a draining issue. Please, refer to the troubleshooting guide and try to get your machine to eliminate water from the drum properly.

Not unlikely, you have a faulty drain pump. To check it, you can listen. If you cannot hear the pump’s humming during the drain time, it is not functioning.

Before taking any steps, please, take precautions! Switch off the machine and unplug it.

Do the following:

  • Remove the lower panel and get to the pump
  • Check it using a multimeter. It should read 100-300 Ohms. If it reads zero or way beyond the range, the pump should be replaced.