Code e1 f9 is displayed on washer Maytag

What does this error mean? Sometimes, after all, it occurs even if the unit is not so old. Moreover, many owners do not even know what to look for in this case. It should be noted right away that there is no need to panic. This code is quite common among washing machines of this brand and is easy to fix. Experts say that the problem is usually a blockage in the drain hole or in the wrong location of the hose.

The code designation in question indicates that the water in the drum is excessively long in order to be able to drain it. In simple words, we are talking about a long drain and problems with the functioning of the drain system. They can be represented by such nuances as a clogged hose, filter, an error in the location of the drain hose.

washer Maytag repair

What should be checked first?

First you need to pay attention to the water. If it flows very slowly, this is a clear indication that the object has been ingested. You will need to check the hoses and filters for blockages. Experts note that the first step is to look at the drain hose at the back of the mechanism. Be sure to study it for bends, kinks, because they create obstacles for high-quality water drainage.

Then you need to pay attention directly to the location of the hose in the drain pipe, this is a common problem that causes an error on the screen. The drain hose should not be deeper than 4.5 inches in the drain pipe, and it must also be securely fastened without the use of tape. It should not be on the hole either.

You should also look down and make sure the end of the hose is more than 3 feet from the floor. If lower, there may be problems with the functioning of the machine. In particular, the water will begin to pour and drain at the same time. The hose can also be very high. You will need to lower it if it is 8 feet from the floor or more.

washing machine eliminate blockages

Inspection for blockages

During familiarization with the condition of the drain hose, it is necessary to check it for blockages. This can be done in two ways. The first option is to take out the end of the drain pipe and blow into it to see if anything is clearing from the other end. If this method seems unpleasant, you can use the “snake” to push the hose and clear it of blockages. It is not difficult to purchase such a tool in a hardware store.

Next, it remains to initiate a filter check. Pumping systems collect absolutely everything from laundry. Over time, there may be obstacles to the flow of water from the system. the brand in question implies access to a drain pump, as well as a filter in the front area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe machine. All you need to do is find the front panel in the corner at the front and then remove it to find the filter.

As soon as the user opens the panel, a round-shaped rotary knob will appear in front of him. It is nothing more than a filter. Before you turn anything over, you need to put a pot and towels under it, because water can spill out. It remains to turn the handle counterclockwise, and then remove it. The filter will be released, allowing you to clean it without much trouble. For this, cold water is used. You need to take a rag and wipe the cavity.

Reset the washer

Reset the washer

After arranging to check the drain hose and clean the filter, you need to check the code again, it may have already disappeared. To do this, it is recommended to adhere to a certain algorithm of actions:

  • disconnect the machine from the network;
  • leave it like this for 10 minutes;
  • put it back into operation;
  • see if the drain starts.

It is important that there is no code, at least if the problem was in the garbage in the first place. If it is, it is worth examining the condition of the drain pump.

Checking the warranty card

Checking the warranty card

You need to look at your warrant before initiating a major drain pump inspection. Those who own more modern technology may find that the warranty period still applies to it. So any spontaneous interference in this system can cause it to be cancelled.

However, it may be necessary to check the resistance of the drain pump. After all, it can tell how well the device is functioning. To do this, you need to use a special device that resembles connecting cables for cars. Instead of providing a charge, it determines whether the transfer of energy is carried out by the connections.

Features of checking the pump element for drainage

It is located in front, where the filter is, next to it. First you need to understand if there was a burning of any wires, as well as a break, wiping. After that, it remains to look at the resistance between the terminals. The readings must be good. If they are absent, it can be concluded that the pump is malfunctioning and the need to replace it. Devices for these machines are inexpensive, averaging between $25 and $109, depending on the specific system model and build type.

Features of checking the pump element for drainage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car not want to start?
It is possible that the power cord is simply not connected to the outlet, and the plug is misaligned in the place where it is not fully inserted into the outlet. It will also not be difficult to check the outlet with other equipment in order to eliminate such a problem. Some networks have a reset button that you should use regularly. Now is the time to test the circuit breaker. If the problem is in starting it, it may be in terms of control or the pump.


How to reset settings?
In general, there are two options. You can simply hold down the power or cancel button. While holding it, you need to decide on the wash cycle, and then click on the start. The second way is similar. You just need to disconnect from the network, wait a minute and reconnect.


How do I access diagnostic mode?
In general, many experts argue that this is not worth doing, because the diagnostic mode bypasses any security in any case, and actions of such a plan are risky. However, the procedure itself is quite simple. It is important that the unit is in standby mode. It is necessary to press any button, except for power, stop or start, and this must be done within three seconds. After everything is released, it must be done again and again.
As soon as the diagnostic mode is entered, the indicators will light up. Then they will go out, it will take about 5 seconds. The display will show “88”. After this code, the user will see other saved values, if any. Cars that do not have codes will continue to show “88”.


Can the water be drained manually?
Yes, this is easy enough to do, although there is no need to talk about hygiene. You need to get a few towels and a bucket. You need to start by turning off the water and disconnecting the system. It remains to get to the back, namely, to the drain hose. You will also need to remove all laundry from the machine if the door is not locked. The bucket is placed near the drain, the hose is pulled out and lowered into the bucket. Water will flow out automatically.