Flow Sense in the LG dryer – a useful feature or a marketing ploy?

The competition in the clothes dryer market is fierce. Manufacturers one way or another resort to the introduction of various innovative technologies in order to attract the attention of buyers to their products. For example, they focus on a particular function in order to outperform competitors and make the brand recognizable and in demand. LG, in particular, is Flow Sense. But is Flow Sense really a useful feature, or is it just a publicity stunt?

Flow Sense in LG dryers is responsible for safety, monitors the condition of the dryer vent in relation to air intake restrictions. Those. the function controls whether the air vent is clogged to some extent and whether it is safe to operate the dryer in this condition. Thanks to this function, the dryer signals when the air duct is clogged, which allows you to clear the clogged vent in time and avoid more serious problems.

How LG Flow Sense works

In this article, we will understand what Flow Sense is, how it works, and how to troubleshoot if the indicator lights up.

How LG Flow Sense works

Flow Sense is an important feature for the safe operation of LG dryers. It helps to control whether there is enough air entering the dryer vent and whether it is clogged. The function helps to keep the dryer running smoothly and prevent fire from overheating.

LG Flow Sense’s job is to monitor the dryer’s air vent with extreme sensitivity for any, even the smallest, airflow obstruction. Usually, problems begin due to the appearance of specks, accumulation of villi, twisting or pinching of the air ducts.

Whatever the cause, insufficient airflow can have serious consequences for the dryer. If the LG dryer’s air flow sensor detects a decrease in air speed, a problem warning appears.

You can fix the problem yourself. To do this, it is necessary to clean or adjust the outlet of the dryer so as to restore air circulation at the required intensity. If you do this correctly, both the error code and the Flow Sense indicator will disappear.

Appearance of the indicator

Appearance of the indicator

The Flow Sense indicator is located on the display panel of the LG dryer. It is indicated by the words “Flow Sense” under the conventional icon of a rectangle with four horizontal stripes.

If the outlet is not clogged and the air is expelled at the correct rate, neither the Flow Sense light nor any of the Flow Sense error codes will come on.

But as soon as the dryer registers an abnormality in the operation of the vent, it turns on Flow Sense. In addition, an error code will light up, signaling the level of danger.

LG Flow Sense Error Codes

LG dryers with Flow Sense feature display error codes indicating the level of clogging in the vent. The following error codes apply:

  • no code: the vent is working properly;
  • D80: 80-90% air flow limitation. The dryer works, but not at full capacity, as a result of which the clothes do not dry as quickly as they should;
  • D90: 90% air flow limitation. The dryer automatically switches to cooling mode and then switches off completely. This is necessary to prevent breakdowns and the risk of fire;
  • D95: The airflow is reduced by 95% or more. This is already a critical level. In this case, there is a high risk of fire, the dryer will switch to cooling mode and stop working.

LG Flow Sense Error Codes

When the Flow Sense indicator and any error code is on the display, this is a signal that the ventilation of the dryer is insufficient. It is necessary to quickly fix the problem to prevent overheating and fire, and to ensure the smooth operation of the dryer.

Ways to clear error codes

If you have successfully cleared the blockage in the air duct, the error code will disappear on its own. But, besides this, the error code can be reset by restarting the dryer. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Unplug the dryer from the socket.
  2. Leave the dryer off for five to seven minutes.
  3. Connect the dryer to the mains.

These manipulations will clear the dryer’s memory and error code. As long as there is no new blockage in the vent blocking air flow, the Flow Sense indicator and error code will not appear.

Consequences of insufficient ventilation of the dehumidifier

If the Flow Sense indicator and the corresponding error code are on, this is a signal that the ventilation of the dehumidifier is not working properly. Insufficient ventilation is dangerous for the dryer, and it also creates problems for your household.

Due to insufficient air flow through the vent, the dryer takes much longer to dry things. And this is both a waste of time and an extra consumption of electricity.

Also, when the heated air does not find its way out through the vent, the dryer and the vent will overheat. Because of this, the dryer can fail or, even worse, the breakdown can lead to a fire in the house.

Note: Accumulations of threads, lint, and debris that clog the vent can catch fire quickly. Dryer fires have consistently resulted in accidents and deaths in the United States.

Causes of the LG “Flow Sense” indicator, how to fix it

If the Flow Sense indicator on the display of the LG dryer lights up, then the ventilation is not working properly. The blockage must be removed as soon as possible to ensure safe operation of the machine and prevent fire.

LG Flow Sense indicator

To fix the problem you need:

  • check if the fluff filter is in order. You need to start just with him, the filter is inside the dryer. A clogged lint filter does not give sufficient air flow, and you can clean it in just a couple of minutes;
  • remove any accumulation of debris and villi. After that, clean the ventilation ducts of the machine. Especially carefully check the corners of the ducts, since it is there that villi, litter and dust most often accumulate;
  • make the duct as short as possible. The longer it is, the more space for the accumulation of specks, villi and debris. It is better to place the dryer against the wall so that the air duct goes outside;
  • replace with rigid ventilation: it is better not to use flexible ducts, as they are pinched, twisted, creating obstacles to the air flow. Rigid air ducts help dryer ventilate more efficiently and prevent the Flow Sense indicator from appearing;
  • check the ventilation cover and louvres (if present): these are the end points of the ventilation duct before the air exits the building. After checking and cleaning the rest of the dryer vent, check the vent cover for blockages. Sometimes the shutters get stuck and block the air flow.

Popular questions

How to fix Flow Sense on LG dryer?
To fix the Flow Sense error on the LG dryer, you need to restore the maximum airflow in the dryer duct. You will deal with this by clearing all blockages, removing accumulations of debris, lumps of lint, after which the dryer will continue to work without problems.


What happens if you don’t clean your dryer fluff filter?
At least two things can happen if the lint filter is not cleaned regularly. First, the tumble dryer will not ventilate properly, making drying difficult. Second, more lint and debris will get stuck in the air ducts and block the airflow.


What happens if the dryer vent is blocked?
A blocked, clogged dryer vent prevents the device’s heated air from escaping from the building. As a result, the dryer will have to run much longer in order to dry the clothes. Electricity consumption will increase, there is a high risk of overheating. The worst situation: a fire is possible in the place of blocking and, as a result, a fire in the room.


How often should the dryer ventilation be cleaned?
It is necessary to clean the ventilation of the dryer at least once every six months. And if the device is used actively and loaded with work regularly, then you need to clean it more often. For example, when not only you use the dryer, but when a large number of people constantly use it.


Is it possible for the dryer vent to catch fire?
Dryer air vents clogged with lint can ignite easily. That’s why LG has implemented features like Flow Sense to signal when the tumble dryer’s air vent is blocked. This will help avoid damage to the dryer, overheating and accidents due to fire.