Getting rid of error codes F03 E01 on the Maytag washer

Even one error code popping up on the display of a washing machine is a cause for concern. What to do if the technique produces two at once? Don’t panic. Let’s figure out how to solve the problem.

If the Maytag machine produces errors F03 E01, this indicates the existence of two faults. The first is that the control board for some reason does not determine the water level. Such a breakdown can be caused by a malfunction of the pressure sensor, wiring problems, failure of the control board, or a blockage in the air duct. The second code indicates that the door in the washing machine is locked.

error codes F03 E01

A locked door is normal. The lock will be closed until all the water from the tank is drained. Therefore, if the washing machine stops working in the middle of the cycle, the door will remain closed. The primary problem is the determination of the water level. So we will deal with it.

First steps to correct errors

Most likely, the error is caused by malfunctions in the pressure switch hose or air trap tube. There may be a blockage in the relay hose that will prevent the water from draining.

You also need to check the pressure sensor. It is this element that transmits a signal to the control board about the water level. It is also necessary to alert the start of water drain and protect the heating element from overheating.

Before starting repairs, make sure that the washing machine is de-energized. Don’t forget to follow safety precautions.

error codes F03

We start troubleshooting by checking the pressure hose, which is located between the air trap and the pressure switch. Clamping or damage to it can cause errors F03 E01 to appear on the display. To check, disconnect the hose from the pressure switch. Check it for damage. In addition, blockage must be eliminated. To do this, blow out the hose.

After that, attach all the elements back and turn on the test wash cycle.

Checking the pressure sensor

If the hose is in order, it is worth moving on to inspecting the pressure sensor. This part is located at the back in the upper segment of the washing machine. Before doing this, we advise you to review the instructions for the technique. This step can greatly simplify the search process. The sensor is a round element, to which there is a branch pipe and a thin hose.

The location of the sensors in some models will require the removal of the back cover. To check it, you need a voltmeter. You need to connect the black lead to the PS8 board connector, pin 8 (GND) and the red lead to the PS8 connector, pin 4.

If there is no voltage or the readings are very low, then the sensor is faulty. In this case, it must be replaced.

Checking the pressure sensor

Before replacing, check the correct installation of the sensor. It must be completely included in the central block. In addition, make sure that the pressure sensor harness is fastened correctly and properly. In some cases, fixing such minor flaws will solve the problem with error highlighting.

Checking the Airbag Tube

The air intake pipe may become clogged due to dirt and deposits. This element is located under the drain grate. The accumulation of soap and moisture in the pipe can cause an error code. We recommend cleaning it from debris and dirt.

A stream of air passes through the tube, while it can put pressure on the relay. In case of blockage, the water level in the drum is determined incorrectly, while the wrong signal goes to the control board.

Care must be taken when cleaning the air trap tube. To do this, you can use the “snake”. This is a type of rope used to clean pipes. The inside of the pipe can be cleaned with a rag put on a pole of suitable diameter. In addition, a thin round brush will help remove dirt and plaque.

Checking the Airbag Tube

Wiring check

Wiring problems can occur due to the constant vibration of the washing machine. In addition, damage to the wiring causes excessive stress on the equipment. In this case, the error code will occur periodically, and disappear after a while.

A multimeter is used to check the wiring. This device will measure continuity. To begin, conduct a visual inspection of the wiring, so you can see broken, twisted or stripped wires. It is unlikely that you will be able to solve the wiring problem on your own, it is better to call a specialist.

Checking the control unit

If all the previous points are fulfilled, while no malfunctions were found on them, then it is worth moving on to checking the control unit. In this case, the error appears on the display immediately after starting the washing machine.

Checking the control unit

Repairing the control unit yourself will not work either. Only a service technician will be able to notice a faulty board. The average repair cost is about $270. At the same time, the price may vary, it all depends on the price of a particular master.

Most Common Questions

How to reset the displayed error code on the Maytag washing machine?
First of all, you need to solve the problem that causes the error. Only after troubleshooting is recommended to go to the code. To do this, press the pause or cancel button twice, and then press the power button once.
If these actions did not bring the desired result, then it is worth turning off the washing machine for a few minutes. After that, restart the technique and run the test cycle.


How to reset settings?
There are several ways to reset your washing machine. In the first case, you need to use the power button. In the second, the washing machine must be unplugged and wait a few minutes.


How to enable diagnostic mode on Maytag washing machine?
During the test, the washing machine must be connected to the mains, but all indicators are not activated.
To start the diagnostic mode, press any button and hold it for three seconds. In this case, the start, power and stop button will not work. Repeat the action two more times also within three seconds.
The indicators on the washing machine will start flashing, and after five seconds they will turn off. The display will show “88”. In some cases, error codes may be displayed. If this happens, be sure to write them down. This information will be useful to the service technician.
If the equipment is working, the indicators will flash again and the code “88” will appear. Such actions will automatically put the washing machine into test mode. Do not press anything until the test program is completely finished. After that, exit the program by pressing the power or stop button.


How to manually drain water from a Maytag washing machine?
Sometimes it is necessary to drain the water from the washing machine manually. To do this, you can use a bucket or other container. Before this, it is necessary to de-energize the equipment and turn off the water supply. Next, rearrange the washing machine in such a way as to provide unhindered access to the rear panel.
If the washing machine door is not locked, then you need to remove the laundry from the drum and draw out the water to the maximum. If the door does not open, then it is necessary to drain the water from behind. Use the drain hose to drain the water into a bucket. After all the water is drained, the door will unlock. You may additionally need to reboot the equipment to open the door lock.