How to fix Whirlpool washer, when it does not spinning clothes dry

Is your Whirlpool washing machine washing, but your clothes are still wet? If the washing machine works but does not wring out the laundry, you need to look for the reason in the machine itself.

Pleasant, of course, is not enough, but there are several options that can be done to fix the problem. Possible problems:

  • load imbalance;
  • the drain hose is clogged;
  • failure of the gear shift drive;
  • the drain filter is clogged;
  • the lid switch is out of order;
  • the drainage pump does not work, etc.

Drum load imbalance

Drum load imbalance

This is the simplest problem. When washing bulky and heavy items, such as blankets, the tub or drum may skew and lose balance. In this case, the water will not drain as it should, and the clothes will remain wet.

The spin cycle will not start if the device detects a load imbalance. Load clothes evenly and in approximately equal batches. It is advisable to distribute the clothes inside the machine so that the drum is not overloaded on any side.

When the washing machine has finished washing, you will see that this is the problem if the laundry is almost all on one side. If this is the case, simply distribute the items evenly and restart the spin cycle.

Clogged drain hose

Such problems are rare, but it is still necessary to check the drain hose. If it is kinked or clogged, the water will not drain and the laundry will still be wet after washing. It is necessary to disconnect the hose from the drain pump and check if it is kinked. In addition, you should look for blockages in both the hose and the drain pump that prevent water from escaping.

You also need to make sure that the drain hose is positioned correctly. If it is at a great distance or at insufficient depth inside the riser, the water will not be able to leave. For this reason, the Whirlpool washing machine will not be able to drain the water completely, and as a result, the laundry will remain wet.

Gearbox failure

A common problem with Whirlpool top-loading washing machines is that the gearshift drive does not function as it should. This drive is responsible for shifting gears between the mixing and spin cycles and for adjusting the number of revolutions of the drum.

If the gearshift drive is damaged mechanically or its electrics are faulty, the washing machine will stop in the wash cycle, and the spin cycle will not start.

Drain filter problem

Such problems are quite common. The Whirlpool washing machine is equipped with a drain filter. If it is clogged, the device will not fully wring out clothes.

The filter is located near the pump and is responsible for trapping and retaining various foreign objects and small items that accidentally get into the wash. Usually this is such small things as buttons, pins, coins, paper clips, hooks, runners that have come off locks, etc.

The drain filter is located behind the front panel at the bottom of the washing machine. It is easy to get to it and clean it, this manipulation will help the normal drainage of water.

Drain filter problem

Faulty or clogged drain pump

If no problems are found with the hose and filter, the drain pump needs to be checked. Garbage may accumulate inside it, in addition, it may simply be faulty. Then it will need to be replaced.

To deal with the drain pump, you need to disconnect the drain hose and remove the back panel of the Whirlpool washing machine. If there is blockage, you will see it. If no debris is found, use a multimeter to verify that the drain pump is working.

First you need to remove the wire connectors from the terminals on the pump. Both terminals must be checked. During normal operation, the multimeter should show from 5 to 10 ohms in accordance with the parameters of each specific model of the washing machine. If the device shows zero, then the drain pump must be replaced.

Faulty or clogged drain pump

Belt wear (if any)

Whirlpool washing machine can be equipped with a drum spinning belt. During operation, the belt is subject to wear, it can relax or stretch. A loose belt does not allow the washing machine to rotate at sufficient speed. If the belt is stretched, it will move out and slip off during washing, and the washing machine will not pick up the speed required for a full spin.

Depending on the modification of Whirlpool washing machines, the location of the belt may be different: it can be either closer to the front panel or closer to the back panel. It should be found and checked if it is damaged or deformed.

If everything is fine with the belt, then when the drum of the washing machine is scrolled, its tension will be normal. If the belt is worn, torn, deformed, or moves out and slips when the drum rotates, it will need to be replaced.

Broken door lock or lid switch

This is one of the frequently encountered problems. The Whirlpool washing machine will not wash if the front loading door lock or top loading lid switch is faulty.

The door lock switch is connected to the electrical circuit of the motor. If the door lock is not latched as required, the engine will not run.

Broken door lock or lid switch

Clutch failure

This problem rarely occurs. But if the Whirlpool washing machine is direct drive, this can happen. Premature clutch wear occurs when the washer is not properly loaded.

You can simply try to visually determine the presence of a problem. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the area around the gearbox and clutch, if there are any traces and streaks of oil. If multiple traces of oil are found, the gearbox should be replaced.

If you want to more accurately consider the mechanism and deal with the problem in detail, proceed as follows:

  1. Using pliers, compress the spring of the clutch ring, remove it from the drum.
  2. Check the rivet holes that hold the o-rings.
  3. If the holes are very clogged, the clutch must be changed.
  4. When carrying out these manipulations, the external tank does not need to be removed, it is enough just to remove the gearbox.

Failure of the timer or control board

Such a malfunction is rare. If you have ruled out all the options listed above, but still have not found the problem, check the washing machine timer.

The Whirlpool washing machine is capable of making a so-called neutral stop, i.e. it is momentarily stopped by the timer to then start the spin cycle. If this does not happen, then the timer of the washing machine is out of order and needs to be replaced.

This can be checked by listening to the operation of the machine during the drain cycle. After about 3 minutes the water has drained, you need to open the lid and then close it back. If the timer is spinning, it must be replaced.

Have you experienced any of the problems listed above? Or with other problems? How did you fix the problems? What else would you like to know about Whirlpool washing machine problems? Ask, suggest, and we will try to figure it out together.