LG washer error code CL

LG washer error code CL

You put the laundry in the machine, select the program and press the Start button. But instead of the usual water murmur you hear silence, and error code CL is displayed on the LG washing machine display.

Error description

Child Lock mode is on lg washer

Error code CL on the display of the LG machine means that the Child Lock mode is on. This mode is designed to block all buttons except the POWER button from accidentally pressing and changing the program of washing by children. Perhaps you forgot that during the last wash this mode was activated. It is possible that the blocking was enabled by other household members or the function was activated accidentally.

In any case, do not worry – CL code is not an error. This is an information warning.

How to remove error CL in the LG washing machine

To do this, you need to press two buttons with the icon depicting “nipple” or the face of the child with a lock and hold them simultaneously for 3-4 seconds. Depending on the model of your machine, these may be the buttons:

  • Super Rinse and Prewash
  • Intensive Wash and Extra Rinse
  • Temperature and one of the Option buttons and others.
  • Intensive Wash and Extra Rinse

To unlock the LG models with sensor control, you need to hold for 3-4 seconds one of the buttons of the main functions marked with “Child lock” sign. For example, these can be buttons “No folds” or “Delayed washing”.