LG washer error code NE

There are different types of errors your LG washer can indicate, some of them show the failure of components, others point on water supply issues or foreign objects in the drum. But there is one code, which occurs on the display only in case you didn’t have enough time to press the button during the diagnostic mode — the nE error code.

What can cause the nE error?

With the appearance of the nE code on the control panel of your washer, the ma-chine stops working and reacting to any of your actions. This exact code doesn’t indicate any technical problems of your device, and may only appear when you tried to run a diagnostics and failed to press the “Start” button on time. So no panic, it is pretty easy to solve.

How to fix the nE error?

LG Washing Machines Error Code NE

To bring your appliance back to normal and make it respond to your commands, you don’t need professional help, simply proceed with the following steps:

Unplug your machine from the main and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Connect it back and switch on. The code may disappear after this simple action, if not — try another way.

Switch on the device and turn on the SpinSpeed regime. Switch off the washer as soon as the tank is filled with the water. Keep it like that for a few minutes and turn the device back on. The nE Error code should disappear. If it is still indicated on the screen, try the third option.

Press two buttons at the same time — SoilLevel and SpinSpeed, hold them and press the third button, Power. Then simultaneously release them and wait for a few seconds to hear the click sound of the door. Press the Start button. The error has to be reset. It is important to press the last button as soon as you hear the sound if you are late with it — the code may appear again.