LG washer tE error code

LG washer error code tE

After the start of the LG washing machine it filled water, and the drum began to spin as usual – the washing began. But after a few minutes, the machine suddenly stopped and showed error tE on the display. Perhaps you also touched the door and found that it was suspiciously cold, although you selected hot water washing mode.

Some LG users confuse the letter “t” in the error code with an inverted letter “F”.

In the LG washers without a display, the error is highlighted by the temperature indicators – they all flash of blink simultaneously.

Error description

heating element lg washer

tE error code means there is a problem in the heating circuit. LG washing machine cannot heat water and therefore interrupts washing and displays an error.

Unfortunately, tE error usually signals a malfunction and requires professional help, but sometimes you can fix the error by yourself.

tE error code – what needs to be done if the issue can be resolved independently

  • Unplug the machine from the power grid for 10 to 20 minutes, and then plug it into the outlet and start the washing. Perhaps, there was a “bug” in the control module (electronic controller), which will be reset after you pull off plug from the socket.
  • Check the wiring between the heater and the control module (the chip that controls the washing machine). In rare cases it may happen that the cable contacts connecting these two parts of the washing machine were removed. Connect them again.

If these recommendations did not help to fix error tE, then your LG washing machine has a malfunction.

Possible malfunctions requiring repair

The table below lists the malfunctions which – according to the «RemBytTech» repair service – could cause error tE in LG machine and require the attention of professional serviceman.

Symptoms of error Probable cause Repair or replacement
The LG washing machine does not heat the water, stops during the washing process and displays error tE. In 80% of cases with this error, the heater (heating element) is to blame – it heats the water to the right temperature. The heater needs to be replaced.
The LG washing machine displays code tE and does not wash. Most often, the error appears in the washing mode. The control module – the chip or the “brain” of the washing machine – is out of order.

As a rule, the control unit is repairable. Most often, the elements responsible for controlling the heater (triac, relay, transistor, etc.) get damaged and need to be replaced.

In rare cases, when the processor is down, the control unit needs to be replaced.

The washing stops and the error appears. The water in the washing machine does not heat up. The temperature sensor has failed. It measures the water temperature and is located either on the heater or directly in the drum of the washing machine. The sensor needs to be replaced.
In the LG washing machines with a drying mode, error tE appears in the washing or drying mode, and the machine interrupts the program. The drying sensor which measures the temperature during the drying process has failed. The sensor needs to be replaced.
In modes with water heating, the LG machine sometimes washes normally, and sometimes displays this error. The wiring inside the washing machine was damaged in the place between the heater and the control module. Therefore, during vibrations, the contact breaks down and the error appears. Damaged wires need to be twisted or a complete replacement of the cable is required. In the case of twisting, the place of twisting must be carefully insulated.