Maytag bravos washer error code ld

Maytag bravos washer error code ld

LD stands for “long draining“. This error code appears when the machine is too slow to get the water out oft he tub. Most likely, it is a drain pump problem. If your washer features a built-in diagnostic function (most Whirlpool machines do), use it and thus check the pump. There is another method of doing that:

Step 1

Switch on your machine and activate the standby mode.

Step 2

Press Soak/ Soil Level/ Soak/ Soil Level consecutively within a five-second time frame to launch the self-diagnostic function.

Step 3

Wait for 90 seconds until the diagnostic process is over. The machine will get filled with water, recirculate and finally drain it.

Step 4

Check the display: there will be a message signaling that the pump is faulty.

Step 5

Wait until the machine completes the cycle. When it is drain time, get close to the back of the device and listen. You should hear the humming sound of the pump working. If you cannot hear it, the pump is not running. Most likely, it needs to be replaced. Contact your technical service provider.