Samsung dryer error code dE

Samsung Drying Machines Error Code DE

If the DE Error code appeared on the panel of your Samsung dryer, it means the machine sends you a signal that not everything is ok with the door of your device. DE stands for Door Error and has to be fixed immediately, otherwise you won’t be able to use the dryer. On some models the same error can be reflected by DE1 or DE2 combinations, others show it as DF or DO. As for the no-display dryers, all the light on the control panel is active when the door error occurs.

What can cause the DE Error?

There are two possible reasons for such a problem — the one-time malfunction of the control panel, a quick glitch, which can easily be reset by switching the machine off for 10-15 minutes.

Another explanation for this code is in the failure of one of the door parts. The hatch door consists of the door handle, lock, a position detector, hinges, rubber seal, latch and the control unit. And each of these components needs a thorough inspection in order to properly determine the cause and to fix it.

How to fix the DE Error?

So the DE code indicates the machine hatch lock error: door does not close or open, and the reasons may be the following:

  • The locking device has failed.
  • The control board is faulty.
  • The hinges of the hatch door are deformed or blocked by something.
  • The hatch lock mechanism was mechanically damaged.
  • Contacts are loose or wiring in the hatch locking circuit is damaged.

Start with simple steps. Open the hatch, remove all possible obstacles and close it again. Run the cycle.

Samsung Drying Machines Error Code DE door

Look at the hinges that attach the hatch to the appliance. It should move easily from without interference. If you feel there is a difficulty with it, replace the worn-out details. Unplug the dryer and remove the front wall, then unscrew the fixing bolts and take the door unit off. Replace the damaged elements and assemble the device back.


Samsung Drying Machines Error Code DE locking deviceOne of the most common causes of the DE Error is the malfunction of the locking device. Its electrical part may break down. There also can be a mechanical mal-function. In both cases, it is better to consult with professionals, which will be able to repair or replace the broken parts.

If you want to carry out the repair on your own, follow these steps:

Unscrew two bolts, which hold the locking device. They are located on the right from the hatch. Pull of the device through the appeared gap, but be careful not to tear the wires. Disconnect the plug with the wires from the locking device. Check the resistance of the device with a multimeter. If there is a malfunction — replace the device immediately.

The next thing to check is the wire connections, some of them might have burnt out and must be replaced. Check all the cords and contacts with the multimeter in order to determine the damaged area.

If the problem was not found during all the examinations, the issue is probably in the control unit and this is where you will need professional support in order to carry out the proper diagnostic and repairs.