Samsung dryer error code HE

Samsung Drying Machines Error Code HE

If you are an owner of the Samsung drying machine and you see the HE Error code on its display, it indicates the issues with the heating system of your device. In other words, the machine tells you the heat does not get into the drum and your laundry can’t be dried.

Depending on the type of your dryer (whether it is gas or electrical) the reason and the fixing steps will be determined.

What can cause the HE Error?

As with all the other error codes on washing and drying machines, one of the reasons might be in the on-time failure of the control unit. This is why the first to do when diagnosing the device is switching it off and unplugging for 10-15 minutes.

Samsung Drying Machines Error Code HE heating elementWhen the Heating Error occurs, it is most likely connected to the heating element failure, and this will be the second thing to check. The temperature regulating module can also cause this error.

The broken or clogged fan is also one of the possible explanations for the display of the HE code, along with the plugged drain-system, which doesn’t let all the water sour and affects the heating element.

How to fix the HE Error?

The start of the inspecting process depends on the type of dryer you are using. If it is a gas machine, you should check whether the valve is open. Then disconnect the device from the mains. After this is done — carefully look at all the wires and con-nections. The damaged parts have to be replaced. If everything looks good, contact the gas specialists, only they can help with detecting the problem in your heating system.

As for the electrical dryers, the first thing to check is the toggle switch, which has to be on. Check all the wires and connections and if you see no visible damages and breakages, proceed with a more serious inspection.

You already reset the machine and excluded the control panel malfunction. So now it’s time to check the heating element. Use the circuit analyzer to see whether the element is in order or not. The normal indicator of the analyzer is from 10 to 50 O, so if your element doesn’t respond or shows a different number, it has to be replaced.

Samsung Drying Machines Error Code HE fan

One of the reasons which could lead to the heating element malfunction is the broken fan, so your next step will be inspecting it. It may be clogged, then you simply clean it and install it back, or the lubricant of the fan has dried out. The circuit analyzer will help you check whether there are more serious issues. If it is out of order, the replacement of the fan is not a difficult process.

Check the air duct between the fan and the drum for clogs and dust, this may cause the overheating. Same with the drainage system — you need to check all its ele-ments and clean them if necessary.

Check the resistance of the temperature regulator, as this is one of the elements responsible for a proper drying process. In case there is a malfunction in it, contact specialist, who will be able to repair or replace it.