Samsung washer e2 error

Samsung washer e2 error

If there is the E2 or 5E fault code on the LED display, there may be a drain problem: the water is not getting out of the machine fast enough or is not getting out of it at all. This can be a problem, and it must be fixed ASAP. Please, follow the recommendations described below.

Modern washing machines won’t start a cycle until there is no water in the tub.

If water is not eliminated from the machine, there may be a clog in the drainage system, most likely – in the filter.

Please, take precautions before doing any work on your washer! Switch it off and disconnect it from the mains.

To check the filter, please:

  • Lower the drain hose (if there is one near the filter) below the water level and put its outer end in a water receptacle.
  • Put rags under the filter and pull it out to clear debris, if any.
  • Make sure that the pump impeller at the back of the filter chamber is not blocked.

It is advisable to check the filter on a regular basis to avoid this problem. If the filter is faulty or damaged, you will have to replace it.