Samsung washer error code 6E

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 6E

If you notice the 6E Error code on the panel of your Samsung appliances during any stage of the washing process, you most likely have some issues with one of the electronic components of your device, which is not good.

Depending on the model of your washer, the same error can be reflected by the following codes: bE, bE1, bE2, bE3, Eb, bC, bC2. In case you have no display in your appliance, you will see 40C and 60C indicator bulbs blinking simultaneously.

What can cause the 6E Error?

The occurrence of the 6E Error on the control panel of your appliance can be caused by the failure of the main unit or the thyristor switch. The code can also show that the some (or all) buttons of your device are out of order.

Another common explanation for this code is connected to the socket and main power supply. In this case, only professional electricians can help.

Some of the machine with a bigger display can indicate a three-digit code, which points directly to the problem. For example, the bE1 combination says that the issue is with the Power button when bE2 points on all the other buttons and bE3 reflect the main module malfunction. On other machines, bE2 is substituted by b2 and bC2 codes.

How to fix the 6E Error?

First of all try to give your appliance some rest, unplugging it for 10 minutes. If the error is still indicated on the screen after you switched the machine back on, then you should start carefully examining your device in order to find the reason and try to fix it.

In the case of malfunctioning buttons, they could have lost their connection with the main module. You can try to hold it for a longer time than usual, or if it doesn’t help, unscrew the bolts of the from panel to loosen it, it is not even necessary to take it off. Now try to press any button — it may work.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 6E control module

If the error was not reset, you will need to check the wiring connections with a multimeter. As another cause of 6E failure may be oxidation or wire breakage between the motor, the control module, and the buttons. The machine can stop and show the error either immediately after switching on or at any time afterward.

Damaged cords and wires can be gently cleaned, fixed, and reconnected, while burnt elements have to be replaced. But if there is a problem with the processor, you will need a new control module.

If the unit does not turn on or shows the error after a couple of minutes, it may be caused by problems in the motor relay. Some of its parts may have burnt out and have to be replaced.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 6E hall sensor

If the control triac is short-circuited, it will need to be replaced, possibly along with the entire connecting circuit. If there is a problem with the tachogenerator, it will need to be replaced. In the case of Hall sensor issues, the error usually occurs after the drum rotation.