Samsung washer error code 8E

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8E

The 8E error code appears on the display of Samsung devices not very often, in comparison with other codes. Typically, a device gives it out when: water fills the drum to the required volume and then suddenly stops operating. Another option is when the code appears after rinsing when everything was going pretty well.

This combination indicates a failure of the Hall sensor. The control module receives an incorrect or too weak signal from it, so stops the engine and displays the error.

The same error can be indicated as 8C, 3E, and 4C accompanied by 1,2,3 or 4. As for the model without any screen, On a machine without a display, the temperature indicators BIO 60°C and BIO 40°C are lighting up along with washing mode indicators flashing.

What can cause the 8E Error?

In general, the list of possible explanations of the 8E Error code looks the following way:

  • Imbalance of the drum caused by a too large or a too-small number of loaded laundry pieces;
  • The foreign object is stuck between the tank and the drum;
  • failure of the control module;
  • breakage of the tumbler or vibration sensor;
  • stretched or torn drive belt;
  • electric brushes are won’t out (it can also be caused by a breakdown of the motor winding, which negatively affects its power).

How to fix the 8E Error?

As in every other case, start with rebooting your device. Simply switch it off and un-plug for several minutes, then plug it back in and try to run a test wash cycle.

To exclude the version of improper loading of the drum, take out extra laundry, or add some and try to run the program again. If you put more than normal, it is hard for the motor to the motor to rotate the drum if you put not enough — the drum starts rotating too fast and the vibration appears.

If after these two steps the error is still displayed on the screen, start a more careful examination.

We already listed the possible reasons if thy the washing machine does not see motor shaft rotation and displays the 8E Error code. So what to do next?

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8E belt

First of all, you need to remove the belt from the pulley of the drum and try to spin it manually, if it rotates normally, and you don’t hear any foreign sound, proceed with inspecting the following components:

  • Check the tachometer
  • Check how the motor shaft rotates.
  • Be sure to check the brake wires and contacts for oxidation.
  • Examine the engine brushes

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8E tachometer sensor

Check the tacho sensor with a multimeter. If it fails, it must be replaced. Remove the back panel of the appliance, take off the drive belt so that it does not interfere with further repairs. Then the motor wiring has to be detached, then the element itself.  After that, the tachometer is changed.

To replace the brushes, unscrew the fixing bolts on the sides of the device and take off the graphite rods. Inspect the brushes. It is important to remember that even if only one brush has a defect, you will still need to replace the complete pair. Thor-oughly clean the inner magnetic ring.

In general, check everything related to the rotation of the motor, if everything is normal, then call the repairman, there must be a problem in the main module.