Samsung washer error code D5

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code D5

Some of the models of Samsung washers indicate the inability to properly lock the hatch door by showing the D5 Error code on its displays. The code may appear at the beginning of the laundry process when you only started loading and trying to lock the door, or on any other stage of the washing, signalizing that most likely you won’t be able to open the door when the process is finished.

What can cause the D5 Error?

All the possible explanations of the D5 Error can be divided into two groups: mechanical and electronic. In the case of mechanical damage, you will most likely be able to fix the problem yourself, as the list of these causes includes foreign objects, blocking the door from closing, worn-out loops of the hatch door, or broken or misplaced hook of the lock.

The problems with electrical components may include a main control module or hatch locking device malfunction and issues with wire connection between the device and the main unit.

How to fix the D5 Error?

To begin with, check the device for mechanical causes. Examine the door, it’s lock and cuff. Then switch off the appliance and unplug it from the mains for a few minutes. The error can be reset after your device gets some rest. If it didn’t help, check the loops and hinge of the door. If everything is ok there too, you will most likely have to contact the service center, as the explanation for the D5 Error code on your display is in some electrical malfunction.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code D5 examine the door lock

In case of the failure of the locking system, unfortunately, it can not be repaired, and only replacement will fix the situation.

Some of the main module components might also have gone out of order, and the professional specialist will be able to determine them and repair them. In the worst case, the whole unit will have to be changed to the new one.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code D5 door lock testing

If none of the above reasons suit your case, you have to check the wiring between the locking device and the control unit. The multimeter will be of great help here. Some of the contacts may have burnt out or just disconnected. The professional diagnostic will be good here also.