Samsung washing and drying machines error code FE

Samsung Washing and Drying Machines Error Code FE

If you have a Samsung washing machine with the drying function, it may show the FE Error code on its screen in case there are some problems with the fan of your device. In other words, the machine can’t dry the laundry properly.

On some of the models, the same condition is indicated by the FC code. It is usually accompanied by the interruption of the drying process and the inability to start it.

What can cause the FE error?

Besides the failure of the drying fan, the occurrence of the FE error code might be caused by a one-time failure of the control module or the malfunction of the machine’s self-diagnostic system. Another reason is also connected to the fan but says about the weak or missing signal because of the burnt-out or loosened wires.

How to fix the FE error?

To begin with, exclude the two easiest possible reasons by rebooting your machine. Switch it off and unplug it from the power for 10-15 minutes. Then connect it back and switch on, try to run a test cycle. If the error code remains on the display, the problem is more serious and you will most likely need professional help to properly diagnose the cause and fix it by repairing damaged parts or replacing them.

Samsung Washing and Drying Machines Error Code FE clean fan

If there is a problem with the drying fan, there can be several explanations. Its impellers could have become clogged, or the starter could have broken, there also could be the drive belt or the fan motor breakage. The repair depends on the type of failure. It will be necessary to either replace the starter, install a new belt, or clean the impeller from dust and plugs. If the fan motor burns out, this whole element must be replaced.

As for the malfunction in the fan circuit, the connection in the fan is missing. This happens when there is a weak or missing contact between the starter and the socket, or when the wiring of the fan is damaged. The bad wires should be replaced and the capacitor should be reinstalled, with all the wires connected properly. That’s is why it’s always recommended to take photos on every step of the repair process, in order not to miss any step while assembling the device back.

The control module failure. You have already checked it on the one-time failure, by rebooting the appliance, but what if there is a more serious malfunction. There might be an issue with the processor or some small elements of the unit. All damaged parts must be replaced with new ones. The control module is a very complicated mechanism, which is crucial to the proper operation of the appliance, so its important to call an experienced repairman for professional diagnostics and fixing.

Malfunctions of the drying fan are indicated on Samsung washers with FE error code. If the rebooting of the machine does not reset the code, contact the client support service for professional help.