LG washer FE error

LG washer FE error

The LG washing machine with the control display has stopped or constantly fills and drains the water, and error FE is displayed on the screen. Most often, the error appears during the water intake, but sometimes it might occur at the washing or rinsing stages.

Depending on the model, the LG washing machines without a display might make simultaneously flash or blink:

  • preliminary and main washing LED indicators
  • indicators of synthetic, wool and blanket (duvet)

Error description

water level reached the maximum value lg washer

Drum overflow error occurred; the water level reached the maximum value.

How to fix it by yourself

  • Excessive formation of foam could lead to the appearance of the error. Drain the water, open the washing machine and check if there is foam in the drum. The cause for the increased foaming may hide in a poor-quality powder, the washing of porous things (for example, tulle), exceeding the permissible weight of loaded laundry and some other factors. In this case, remove the laundry from the machine and let it stand dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Perhaps there was a malfunction in the control unit of the washing machine. Try to unplug the machine from the grid and after 10 – 20 minutes plug it back into the socket.

Possible malfunctions requiring repair

Below, you can find a list of malfunctions that could cause error FE in the LG washing machine.

Symptoms of error Probable cause Repair or replacement
Error FE is on, and the LG machine continuously fills and drains water The inlet valve of water supply has failed which is why it passes water when it is shut which causes an overflow. Typically, the valve will let the excess water in due to loss of flexibility of its membrane or weakening of the rod spring. The valve cannot be repaired – it requires replacement.
The washing machine has drained the water and stopped after washing or it continuously fills water. Error code FE is displayed on the screen. Defective pressure switch (water level sensor) which measures the level of water in the washing machine. Sometimes the malfunction is caused by the clogging of the pressure switch. It’s enough to blow it and the level sensor will work. Otherwise, the pressure sensor (pressure switch) needs to be replaced.
During washing or rinsing the LG washing machine stopped and displayed error FE. At the same time, water could both stay in the drum or the machine could have drained the water. The control unit (programmer) – a microchip which “controls” the operation of the washing machine – is out of order. Quite often, this error causes the burn of the conductive tracks or other elements responsible for the operation of the pressure switch. Then it will be enough to solder the tracks and replace the faulty elements of the controller. In case of a strong burning on the board or the failure of the processor, the replacement may be required.
Error occurred during the washing or rinsing stage. When you start the program one more time, the washing machine is immediately displays error and does not start washing. The wiring coming from the control module (programmer or electronic controller) to the pressure switch is damaged.